Issue #179

3 April 2020

Issue #179
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tl;dr: As the Linearb team shifted to working from home, productivity took a hit. Here they discuss how they re-evaluated their process along with other steps that helped boost productivity and adapt to the circumstances.
- Peter Gillard-Moss
tl;dr: Peter found the challenges in becoming a remote leader 6 years ago allowed him to grow. He discusses those here. 
#TechDebt #Management
tl;dr: For startups, having enough tech debt is critical. Having "too little is premature optimization". In the early phase of a company, you want tech debt to be heavy, allowing for the company to move quickly. 
tl;dr: Julia started to believe that it was impossible to understand basic CSS concepts, impeding her own ability to learn. After shifting her attitude, she saw a major difference in her ability to learn. 
CS 253 Web Security
- Feross Aboukhadijeh
tl;dr: Stanford's course on web security - "this course is a comprehensive overview of web security. The goal is to build an understanding of the most common web attacks and their countermeasures."
tl;dr: A 'non-exhaustive list of less-known features implemented in browsers today. This list isn't intended for a technical audience; instead it wants to be a "I didn't know we could do that in a browser!" list.'

"This too shall pass"

- Anon
tl;dr: The Stack Overflow community upvoted this to be the most requested feature. 
Go, The Go Community, And The Pandemic
- Carmen Andoh, Russ Cox and Steve Francia
tl;dr: What the Go community is doing to help with the crisis and how members can get involved. 
- Ryan Pickren
tl;dr: A technical walkthrough of how Ryan discovered several zero-day bugs in Safari giving him access to the camera and more. 
States Machines
- Yoshua Wuyts 
tl;dr: A post on state machines, what they are, how they can be implemented in Rust and current limitations.   
- Lily Hay Newman
tl;dr: Despite being meant to combat child exploitation, this bill would put tech companies in a position they would have to add "a backdoor for law enforcement access, or avoid end-to-end encryption altogether."
- Niklas Gray 
#Audio #Guide
tl;dr: "What it takes to write a low-level sound system i.e., one where you do all the sampling, mixing, effects, etc by yourself."