Issue #239

23 July 2021

Issue #239

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Making ‘Big Changes’ Successfully
- Pat Kua
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: (1) Quantify the problem and success criteria. (2) Start with a tracer bullet. (3) Work in small, end-to-end increments. (4) Prioritize increments by risk and value. (5) Use ratcheting to prevent regressions. (6) Start what you finish.

#Management #ProductManagement

tl;dr: Olivia Ryan, PM at Slingshot, runs through three hiring tips, and ways she keeps her team engaged, connected, and on task in an increasingly remote work environment.

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Arguments For A Project Kickoff Strategy
- Miroslav Nikolov
tl;dr: "You can do some preparation work and stick to a simple execution guide. It will help you identify hidden information early and during the project journey while adding some structure to the process if it lacks such."
#mySQL #Algorithm
tl;dr: mySQL's sorting algorithm depends on available indexes, expected size of result & mySQL version, and has two methods to produce sorted / ordered streams of data - a smart use of indexes and the Fiilesort algorithm. Pankaj discusses both. 
tl;dr: "More and more, software is getting integrated into the hardware… Yesterday’s software is today’s hardware. Those two things are merging. And the line between hardware and software is going to get finer and finer and finer." 
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I Tracked Every Minute Of My Time For The Last 4 Months. Here Are 7 Totally Unexpected Results
- Bilaniuc Dragos
tl;dr: Bilaniuc meticulously tracked his time on a calendar which: (1) Drastically improved his focus and productivity. (2) Saved a lot of time from unexpected places. (3) Enabled him to form habits & routines more easily, and more. 
#Rust #Performance
tl;dr: There are two performance issues Aram solves in the multiplexer app - data overflow in the MPSC channel and performance of rendering and data parsing.
tl;dr: "Estonia embarked on a program to digitalize government operations and planned the extensive use of the internet to allow its citizens to communicate and interact with the government." Robert discusses how various infrastructure previously set helped the govt battle the pandemic.
Images Are Hard
- Chris Coyier
tl;dr: Certain things get overlooked when adding images to a site so Chris has created this checklist, starting with making "sure you use sentence-format alt text on the image to describe what the image depicts."
tl;dr: "When printing tracebacks, the interpreter will now point to the exact expression that caused the error instead of just the line," and more.

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