Issue #17.1

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Lessons Learned from the Big Rewrite
- Written by Anton Pirker, Django Developer
#General #Django
Becoming an Engineering Manager
- Written by Noah Brier, Co-founder of Percolate
SpaCy: Industrial-Strength NLP
- Written by Matthew Honnibal, NLP researcher
GitLet: Implementation of Git in Javascript
- Written by Mary Rose Cook, facilitator at Hacker School
- Selected by Riley J Shaw, founder at PairJam
Suspicions of Nil
- Written by Sandi Metz, Rubyist
Building out the SeatGeek Data Pipeline
- Written by Tiffany Hu, engineer at SeatGeek
#Python #General
Fucking Go Date Format
- Written by Benny Wong, Co-founder of Timehop
Consistent Use of Double or Single Quotes in HTML
- Written by Per Sandstrom, web developer at Kollegorna
JSON Encoding in Go: Dealing with Sensitive Fields
- Written by Blake Caldwell, software engineer at FogCreek