Issue #24.1

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One Year of DynamoDB at TimeHop
- Written and selected by Benny Wong, CTO of TimeHop
How Much Should You Pay Your Engineers
- Written by Cheyenne Richards, Journalist
Reflections of Trusting Trust (1984)
- Written by Kenneth Thompson, Founder of Unix Operating System
- Selected by Brian Donohue, CEO of Instapaper
Data Binding in 9 JS Frameworks
- Written by the Paiza Engineering Team
Migrating Cover from Balanced to Stripe
- Written by Chris Rotella, Engineer at Cover
Seria Converts Between XML, JSON and YML
- Written by Ryan Luckie, Engineer
We Will All be Game Developers (Video)
- Written by Hunter Loftis, Node.js Platform Owner at Heroku
The Decline of Java Application Servers When Using Docker Containers
- Written by James Strachan, Senior Consulting Software Engineer at Red Hat
#Java #Docker
How and Why Swiftype Moved from EC2 to Real Hardware
- Written by Oleksiy Kovyrin, Head of Technical Operations at Swiftype
Tiny Docker Operating System
- Written by Peter Salvatore, Engineer at Docker