Issue #327

21 June 2022

Issue #327
Tuesday 21st June's issue is presented by Retool
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The Best Managers Don’t Fix, They Coach — Four Tools to Add to Your Toolkit
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: Tools to help coach are: (1) Outcome shift - help your report shift from the problem to solution. (2) Options exploration - ask clarifying questions that help make options more concrete. (3) Acknowledging strengths - increase confidence by bringing awareness to their gifts. (4) Uncovering limiting beliefs - make unconscious assumptions conscious and shift to productive beliefs.
Using Systems Thinking To Craft High Leverage Strategies
- AbdulFattah Popoola
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "This post proposes a systems-based model for diagnosing, detecting, and fixing the fundamental issues that plague engineering teams. It is a distillation of lessons acquired from identifying and implementing high-leverage strategic remedies across multiple products."

State Of Engineering Time 2022
#Leadership #Management #Productivity

tl;dr: The Stack Overflow memes are true: 60% of senior engineers commit 10-100 lines/week of copied and pasted code. And there is more: read the report to learn how 600 engineers (ICs and managers) spend time, from wrangling machines to wrangling people.

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Keep Your Experiments Separate
- Jessica Kerr
#Management #CareerAdvice

tl;dr: "Add features one at a time — not as a series, but on alternate timelines. With version control, we have this superpower." Jessica believes this is a superior process for learning new frameworks, programming style, and more.
"Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering."

- Bill Gates

Data And System Visualization Tools That Will Boost Your Productivity
- Martin Heinz
#Productivity #UsefulTool

tl;dr: "As files, datasets and configurations grow, it gets increasingly difficult to navigate them. There are however many tools out there, that can help you to be more productive when dealing with large JSON and YAML files, complicated regular expressions, confusing SQL database relationships, complex development environments and many others."

Map Data: False Assumptions Programmers Make
- Daniel Mescheder

tl;dr: Assumptions are: (1) Countries have simple shapes. (2) Everything is a country. (3) Assuming administrative divisions are homogeneous. (4) Addressing schemes follow a simple rule. (5) Time zones follow a logical system. And more. 
#Architecture #Video
tl;dr: "In this talk we'll look at the problem from a holistic perspective - take the fundamental property of autonomy for any microservice-based architecture, and design how services should communicate so that they can still achieve their purpose in the world."
Code Bloat Has Become Astronomical
- Cliff Harris

tl;dr: "If I’m right and conservatively, we have 99% wastage on our PCS, we are wasting 99% of the computer energy consumption too. This is beyond criminal. And to do what? I have no idea, but a quick look at task manager on my PC shows a metric fuckton of bloated crap doing god knows what."

Notable GitHub Repos
Safe, easy systems language.

Text based game engine and programming language.


Wrap Go code and a web frontend into a single binary.

Elastic UI Framework
Components for building user interfaces at Elastic.

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