Issue #23.1

11 March 2015

Issue #23.1

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React Tips and Best Practices
- Written by Alexander Early, Senior Software Engineer at Fluid
- Selected by Rich Hong, Co-founder and CTO of Confide
The Best Job Description for an Engineer Ever Written
- Written by Herr Fauler, Software Engineer at Microsoft
How Google Search Dealt with Mobile
- Written by Steven Levy, Senior Writer at Wired
#Mobile #Search

Working Effectively with Unit Tests (Video)
- Presented by Jay Fields, Engineer at DRW Trading
Understanding Go Dependency Management
- Written by Supermighty, developer
- Selected by 
Gareth Wilson, Marketing at Fog Creek Software
The Web's Grain: A View on Designing for the Web
- Written by Frank Chimero, Web Designer
- Selected by 
Ryan Merrill, UI Designer & Developer at Food52
Coding Like a Girl
- Written by Sailor Mercury, Software Engineer at AirBnB
A Full Hardware Guide to Deep Learning
- Presented by Tim Detters, Student and Amateur Scientist

Centralizing Distributed Version Control, Revisited
- Written by Yaron Minsky, OCaml Programmer and Developer at Jane Street 
- Selected by 
Gareth Wilson, Marketing at Fog Creek Software
Angular 2: Built on TypeScript
- Written by Jonathan Turner, Software Engineer at Microsoft
Caching SVG Sprite in localStorage
- Written by Osvaldas Valutis, Web Designer & Developer
- Selected by Ben Stahl, Engineer at Vimeo

Boiling React Down to Few Lines of jQuery
- Presented by Alex Schepanovski, Python and JS Programmer