Issue #19.1

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The Insider's Guide to Ruby Interviewing
- Written by The TopTal Engineering Team
The Psychology of Notifications
- Written by Nir Eyal, author of Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Notifications
Software Engineers Should Write
- Written by Shubhro Saha, Student at Princeton
- Selected by Andrew Overby, Student at Turing School of Software & Design
Package Names in GoLang
- Written by Sameer Ajmani, Software Engineer at Google
Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing
- Written and selected by Gareth Wilson, Marketing at Fog Creek Software 
Web Applications Don't Follow New Rules
- Written by Christian Heilmann, Senior Program Manager Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft
First Impressions Using React Native
- Written by James Long, Engineer at FireFox Developer Tools
Fast Non-Standard Data Structures For Python
- Written by Mikhail Korobov, Software Engineer at ScrapingHub
- Selected by Avery Max, Python and Go Engineer
Non-Blocking UI's with Interface Previews
- Written by Callum Hart, Front-end Engineer
Selected by Ryan Clark Merrill, Designer and Developer
Caveat! Thresholding Hue Component
- Written and selected by Bikramjot Singh Hanza, Student at PEC University
Collection of Useful .htaccess Snippets
- Written by Phan An, Technical Director at Construct Digital