Issue #373

9 December 2022

Issue #373
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#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "You reduce uncertainty until the software exists. You reduce uncertainty by doing: prototyping, designing, writing code, and shipping. Each of these actions serve to reduce the uncertainty about what is left to build." James discusses different methods of reducing uncertainty across a project, at various stages.
The Cloudy Layers Of Modern-Day Programming
- Vicki Boykis
#ThoughtPiece #IndustryTrend

tl;dr: "Instead of working on the core of the code and focusing on the performance of a self-contained application, developers are now forced to act as some kind of monstrous manual management layer between hundreds of various APIs..." Vicki shows us how this manifests.

Free O'Reilly book: Identity-Native Infra Access
#Infrastructure #BookRecommendation

tl;dr: Download the first chapters of the latest O’Reilly book and learn how to prevent breaches by eliminating secrets and moving to an entirely passwordless infrastructure.

Promoted by Teleport
#Architecture #Testing
tl;dr: "Testing a service in isolation (i.e. unit, integration, component tests) is important as it gives faster feedback to developers. But to validate whether the requirements for a service are met with the current state of dependencies and get confidence, developers rely on E2E testing. This article describes how we enabled E2E tests for developers with improved dev experience."

"More good code has been written in languages denounced as “bad” than in languages proclaimed “wonderful” — much more.

- Bjarne Stroustrup

The Best UUID Type For A Database Primary Key
- Vlad Mihalcea

tl;dr: "We are going to see what UUID type works best for a database column that has a Primary Key constraint. While the standard 128-bit random UUID is a very popular choice, you’ll see that this is a terrible fit for a database Primary Key column."
What If Two Programs Did This?
- Raymond Chen

tl;dr: The question “What if two programs did this?” is helpful in evaluating a feature or a design request. Combining this with “Imagine if this were possible” leads to an impressive one-two punch, explained by examples in this post.

For Your Eyes Only: Improving Netflix Video Quality With Neural Networks
#NeuralNetworks #Netflix

tl;dr: How can neural networks fit into Netflix video encoding? (1) Video preprocessing, which encompasses any transformation applied to the high-quality source video prior to encoding. (2) Video encoding using a conventional video codec. Encoding drastically reduces the amount of video data that needs to be streamed to your device, by leveraging spatial and temporal redundancies that exist in a video.
Faster Base64 In Curl
- Daniel Stenberg

tl;dr: "This adventure started with an issue where a user pointed out that the libcurl function for base64 encoding actually would allocate a few bytes too many at times. That turned out to be true and we fixed it fairly quickly. As I glanced at that base64 encoder function that was still loaded and showing in my editor window, it struck me that it really was not written in an optimal way."

Notable GitHub Repos
ChatGPT For Google
ChatGPT response alongside Google Search.

Microservices orchestration engine.

Awesome CTO
Curated and opinionated list of resources for CTOs, with the emphasis on startups.
Backdoor generator allowing users to connect with sibling servers.

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