Issue #124

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Top Paying Tech Companies Of 2018
Zuhayeer Musa, Founder at & Zaheer Mohiuddin, Software Engineer at AWS
“The Pragmatic Programmer” Is Essential Reading for Software Developers
Bennett Garner, Python/C Developer & Freelance Tech Writer 
Things I Don’t Know As Of 2018
Dan Abramov, Co-author of Redux and Create React App. 
Monorepos: Please Don’t!
Matt Klein, Engineer at Lyft, Creator at Envoy
The Path To Technical Leadership: How To Go From Developer To Team Leader
Alex BachukDirector of Front-End Development and Web UX at & JavaScript Developer
Why Is Quicksort Better Than Other Sorting Algorithms In Practice?
Alejandro Mallea, Software Development Engineer at Amazon
Jeff Erickson's Algorithms Textbook
- Jeff Erickson, Professor of Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Getting Started With Web Performance: 2019 Beginner’s Guide
Jakub Gieryluk, Video Player Web Performance at Dailymotion. 
Go Modules In 2019
Russ Cox, Engineer at Google
It’s More Important To Load Fast Than To Code Fast
Estelle Weyl, Consulting Web Developer, Trainer, Author and Speaker
The Future Of Kubernetes Is Virtual Machines
- Paul Czarkowski, Infrastructure Engineer 
How To Better Organize Your CSS Architecture With OOCSS, BEM, & SMACSS
- Claudio Mendonca, Creative Director & Founder at CCM Design