Issue #377

27 December 2022

Issue #377
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Code Ownership And Software Quality
- Abi Noda
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "Ownership is negatively correlated with the number of bugs, and the more shared the file ownership the higher the likelihood that it will contain code defects. This trend is also supported by the fact that for all projects studied, the number of contributors is positively correlated with the number of bugs." Abi provides 4 management recommendations.
tl;dr:'s annual compensation report. View top paying companies, locations, growing titles & other trends.
5 Ways To Increase Velocity By Removing The Bottlenecks  In Your QA Process
- Kirk Nathanson
#Management #Productivity

tl;dr: With a recession looming and many companies freezing their hiring plans, savvy teams can look at other levers to increase velocity and improve product quality. Here are five cost-effective changes you can make.

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Twintrees, Baxter Permutations, and Floorplans
- Donald Knuth
#Video #DataStructures #Algos

tl;dr: Video of Donald Knuth's annual lecture covering "three fascinating concepts, which seem at first to be entirely unrelated to each other, are in fact in one-to-one correspondence, via three beautiful algorithms."

“Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.”

– Isaac Asimov

Devpod: Improving Developer Productivity at Uber with Remote Development
#Architecture #Productivity 

tl;dr: "In this blog, we share how we improved the daily edit-build-run developer experience using DevPods, our remote development environment. We will start with some of the initial challenges, the pain points we addressed with Devpod, our architecture, and some of our recent successes in terms of adoption and cost reduction. We will finally leave you with some thoughts around the future of remote development at Uber."

A Year Of Building For The Terminal
- Darren Burns

tl;dr: Over the course of the year, I’ve been able to work on a lot of really cool things. In this post, I’ll review a subset of the more interesting and visual stuff I’ve built. If you’re into terminals and command line tooling, you’ll hopefully see at least one thing of interest!

Building A Website Like It's 1999... In 2022
- Sophie Koonin

tl;dr: "We might look back on these websites now and laugh – they look ridiculous compared to the sleek and minimalist sites we're used to nowadays. But I actually think we've gone too far in the other direction, and now so many websites look the same. These old personal websites were a reflection of yourself."

tl;dr: "In this post I'm going to try and explain why I think GAI, at least in its current forms, is unlikely to be able to fully replace programming. I first look at the relationship between programming and software in a slightly different way than most of us are used to. Having done that, I'll then explain how I think GAI is different than programming when it comes to generating software. I'll finish by giving some very general thoughts about how ML techniques might influence how we go about programming."
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Notable GitHub Repos
Comprehensive Rust
Course used by the Android team at Google.

Cut, copy & paste anything anywhere from the terminal.
Awesome ChatGPT Prompts
Prompt curation to use ChatGPT better.

Amazing AI Papers
Latest breakthroughs by release date with video explanation.

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