Issue #295

1 March 2022

Issue #295
Tuesday 29th February's issue is presented by Treblle

Treblle makes it super easy to understand what's going on with your APIs. Out of the box you get features like: real-time API monitoring, automatically generated documentation, error tracking, API analytics, a quality score of your API and much more.
What You Give Up When Moving Into Engineering Management
- Karl Hughes
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "If you want to become a manager, be aware that you’ll have to forgo some of what you probably like most about your field," such as: (1) Focus time (2) Short feedback cycles - "management doesn’t yield instantaneous results." (3) Conflict avoidance - as a manager you have to deliver the bad news. (4) Making technical decisions. (5) Learning new technical skills. 
tl;dr: Here are the steps I take when I’m stumped. No huge revelations here, just hard-earned advice. First 3 steps: (1) Think hard about the problem for a few weeks before typing any code. (2) Type in a function or write a class that has the inputs and outputs you need. (3) Break the function down into multiple steps with clear objectives. You may not know how to achieve those objectives, but that’s a problem for your future self. Right now, you’re just trying to write out the high-level algorithm. Frank guides us through another 6 steps in this post. 
The 10 REST Commandments
- Vedran Cindrić
#Management #API #Restful

tl;dr: Having spent the past 10 years building APIs, Vedran Cindrić, the co-founder of Treblle, goes through 10 essential rules on how to build and run amazing REST APIs that scale in any programing language.

Promoted by Treblle.
Developer Satisfaction Surveys
- Sally Lait
#Management #Leadership

tl;dr: Sally provides examples of both general and code specific questions: Are building features a painless process? What's your level of confidence merging PRs into main? How do you feel about code readability and consistency? What initiatives should we be prioritizing? Are there any technologies we should consider using? What topics would you like to learn more about in our regular engineering talks? 

"Code is there to explain the comments to the computer"

— Andy Harris

A Cursed Bug
- Nelson Elhage

tl;dr: "This is the story of a bug we recently put to rest; a bug which, from our very first inklings of its existence, I repeatedly described as “cursed.” Now that we understand it, I want to share just how delightfully cursed it was."

Things That Used To Be Hard And Are Now Easy
- Julia Evans

tl;dr: (1) SSL certificates, with Let’s Encrypt (2) Concurrency, with async/await (in several languages) (3) Centering in CSS, with flexbox / grid. (4) Building fast programs with Go, and many more.

Upcoming Python Features Brought To You By Python Enhancement Proposals
- Martin Heinz

tl;dr: In this article we will go over all the proposals that are going to bring some exciting new Python features. Martin covers the coming syntax changes, type annotations, debugging, and "quality of life" changes, adding support for parsing TOML format to Python's standard library.

Lambda Calculus In 397 Bytes
- Justine Tunney
tl;dr: "The Lambda Calculus is a programming language with a single keyword. It's the Turing tarpit discovered by Turing's doctoral advisor. This blog post introduces a brand new 397 byte implementation of binary lambda calculus as an x86-64 Linux ELF executable."
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