Issue #20.1

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Scientific Coding and Software Engineering? What's the Difference
- Written by Daisie Iris Huang, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of British Columbia
Zero Size Objects
- Written by Ted Unangst, Software Engineer
- Written and selected by Gareth Wilson, Marketing at Fog Creek Software 
Sandi Metz's TRUE in Action
- Written by Ian Whitney, Ruby Developer at the University of Minnesota
Default Arguments in Python
- Written by Leonardo Giordani, Python Developer
How We Built the New BBC Homepage
- Written by Andrew Hillel, Senior Web Developer at BBC
Making the Case for Progressive Javascript
- Written by Jed Watson, Javascript and Node.js Developer
Super Cheap Data Backups With Amazon Glacier Storage
- Written by John Fisher, Developer at Atomic Project
The ELM Architecture: Simple Pattern for Modern and Testable Front-end Code
- Written by Evan Czaplicki, Designer and Developer of Elm Programming Language