Issue #346

26 August 2022

Issue #346
Friday 26rd August issue is presented by Retool

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Questions For Our First 1:1
- Lara Hogan
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "I’ve learned that getting some particular data during an initial 1:1 can be really helpful, as I can refer back to the answers as I need to give a person feedback, recognize them, and find creative ways to support them." Lara discusses her template for initial 1-1s with questions around "grumpiness", feedback and recognition, goals and support, and the most important question - what’s your favorite way to treat yourself?

What Great Hybrid Cultures Do Differently
- James Stanier
#Leadership #Management #RemoteWork

tl;dr: "Hybrid work only works when all employees are treated as remote employees. To do this, companies need to do five things: embrace asynchronous communication, make communication boundaries clear, champion documentation and the production of artifacts, share information widely, and provide the right tools for employees to succeed." Each are discussed in this post. 

The State Of Internal Tools 2022
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Since 2020, we’ve surveyed developers for our State of Internal Tools report. We set out to find how companies build internal tools, who uses them, and how teams measure their impact on the business. Discover our highlights from this year’s State Of Internal Tools here.

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Under The Hood: How We Built API Versioning For LinkedIn Marketing APIs
- Nihit Purwar
#Architecture #API

tl;dr: "We were releasing breaking changes almost monthly with different sunset dates – making it hard for developers to test and plan their roadmap without a predictable release schedule. Unversioned APIs also blocked customers from accessing the latest features and caused internal challenges with new feature development." Nihit's discusses how his team set out to build API versioning for LinkedIn Marketing APIs.
“That’s what’s cool about working with computers.  They don’t argue, they remember everything, and they don’t drink all your beer.”

- Paul Leary

tl;dr: "Having a smaller website makes it load faster — that's not surprising. What is surprising is that a 14kB page can load much faster than a 15kB page — maybe 612ms faster — while the difference between a 15kB and a ;16kB page is trivial. This is because of the TCP slow start algorithm. This article will cover what that is, how it works, and why you should care. But first we'll quickly go over some of the basics."
How To Deal With Money In Software
- Sydney Kerckhove

tl;dr: "Dealing with money in software is difficult and dangerous. This post contains an overview of the problems you will run into eventually when writing software that deals with money. It describes potential representations, relevant trade-offs, and recommends ways of correctly implementing common operations. The post is prescriptive, so that you can use it to write your own library for dealing with amounts of money."
Stop Saying 10x Developer
- Adam Gordon Bell

tl;dr: "Terminology matters and we can do better than 10x. We can be specific. Skills are not homogeneous, and people can quickly improve their craft as long as we don’t treat talent like some mythical quality."

#IndustryTrend #OpenSource
tl;dr: "We’ve got distributions of a Go package that includes entirely unlicensed code. We’ve got a host of Go packages that may not be complying with the terms of the license, when the distributions can even agree what the license is. And it’s apparently not limited to just go. Is this normal? Is this legal? I don’t really know."
Notable GitHub Repos
An automated practice system for learning complex skills.

Fast real-time compression algorithm.


Scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the realtime web.

Web scraping and browser automation library that helps build reliable crawlers.

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