Issue #271

23 November 2021

Issue #271

Tuesday 23rd November issue is presented by Teleport
The Power of Performance Reviews: Use This System to Become a Better Manager
- Lenny Rachitsky
#Leadership #Management #Guide
tl;dr: Lenny's framework for giving performance reviews, starts with how to prepare: (1) Gather direct feedback from your report & their coworkers. (2) Capture accomplishments. (3) Describe their “superpower.” (4) Write a short high-level summary of their performance. (5) Identify 1-2 development areas, with examples, concrete suggestions, and what success looks like. (6) Share a timeline for their next career milestone. Lenny also discusses how to deliver and follow-up the review. 
Stop Requiring Specific Technology Experience For Senior-plus Engineers
- Mike McQuaid
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: What companies do not consider when demanding that senior engineers know specific technologies: (1) Most of the job is unrelated to that technology e.g. databases, deployment, mentoring. (2) Experienced engineers can pick up new technologies relatively quickly. (3) You may not be using this technology in perpetuity. And more.

A Practical Guide To Secure SSH Access
#Management #Guide 

tl;dr: SSH is a powerful tool that often grants extended access to anyone using it to log in to a server. This tech paper covers three practical approaches to securing SSH access.

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More Follow-Up On The Tech Hiring Market
- Gergely Orosz
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Gergely looks at 30+ compensation related data points to see how companies, across different regions, are adjusting to the rapidly changing hiring market. His advice: "if your company has not yet made off-cycle compensation changes, you’ll likely have to make a case for a larger than usual raise for the new year. Start engaging your leadership now."

A Note From Teleport

Teleport empowers engineers to quickly and securely access any computing resource anywhere on the planet. The Access Plane allows engineers and security professionals to unify secure access and provide visibility to infrastructure, applications, and data across all environments.

Learning Containers From The Bottom Up
- Ivan Velichko
tl;dr: "This article is not an attempt to explain containers in one go. Instead, it's a front-page for my multi-year study of the domain. It outlines the said learning path and then walks you through it, pointing to more in-depth write-ups on this same blog."
#Performance #Javascript
tl;dr: "We started, like we often do, with git bisect. It helped us track down the set of changes that appeared to have introduced the issue; adding a Dark Mode to Tines. "This is bizarre," we thought, "how could a bunch of CSS changes have slowed things down?"."
Behind The Scenes, AWS Lambda
- Bruno Schaatsbergen
#Architecture #AWS
tl;dr: "Lambda is split into a control plane and data plane. Each plane is responsible for a specific set of activities in the service. The Control Plane provides management APIs and manages integrations with all AWS services. Whilst the Data Plane is Lambda's Invoke API that triggers Lambda function invocations, this explanation is still very abstract but things will become clearer over time." Bruno details the underlying mechanics of AWS Lamda. 
Python: Please Stop Screwing Over Linux Distros
- Drew DevVault 
#Python #Linux

tl;dr: "Everyone is frustrated with Python packaging. I call on the PSF to sit down for some serious, sober engineering work to fix this problem." Drew believes that Python packaging neglects the needs of Linux distros.
Notable GitHub Repos
Coding Interview University
A complete CS study plan to become a software engineer.

Open source API development ecosystem.

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide
A mostly reasonable approach to JS. 

Fast, secure, efficient backup program.
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