Issue #41.1

15 July 2015

Issue #41.1: The Hard Part About Creating New Teams Within An Engineering Organization

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- Written by Eric RichardVP of Engineering at HubSpot
- Written by Christophe Mawata, Software Engineer
- Written by Doron Katz, iOS Engineer
- Written by Adam Conner-Simmons, Communication at CSAIL at MIT
- Written by Malte Ubl, Software Engineer at Google
- Written by Avdi GrimmRuby Developer
- Written by Wiktor Mocium, Ruby and React Developer
- Written by the Netflix Engineering Team
- Written by the Engineering team at BoxFuse
- Written by Ravi Bayramgalin, Engineer at Evil Martians
- Written by Marco Slot, Engineer at Citus Data
- Selected by Stephane Jolicoeur, Engineer 
- Written by Real Python Blog
- Written by Nick Coghlan, cPython core developer
- Written by Jeff BarrChief Evangelist for AWS

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