Issue #330

1 July 2022

Issue #330
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The Problem With Fighting Fires
- Ed Batista
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "The problem isn't that you're too busy. If you view being busy as the problem, there's no solution. You will always be too busy, and that'll never change." The problem is that "you're acting like a firefighter instead of a fire marshal. You're rushing from one fire to the next, never slowing down to install smoke detectors" and, likely, "you're really good at fighting fires."

The Platform And Program Split At Uber: A Milestone Special
- Gergely Orosz
#Leadership #Management #Uber

tl;dr: "More than 100 people would need to be hired across engineering, product and design, to staff these teams. The new teams were stack ranked by importance e.g. teams responsible for growing the supply of drivers were ranked much higher than those generating rider demand." Gergely discusses Uber's biggest engineering organizational change: creating cross-functional program teams and introducing platform teams.

How Do You Generate Revenue As A Developer? - Developer Nation Survey Is Here

tl;dr: Did you know that contracted development is the revenue model of choice across all industry verticals, used by nearly a third (31%) of professional developers? Also, less than one in ten (7%) professional developers are generating revenue from selling data.

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Eigenquestions: The Art of Framing Problems
- Shishir Mehrotra, Matt Hudson
#Leadership #Management #CareerAdvice
tl;dr: 3 techniques for expert framing, including Eigenquestion, when one critical decision has ten related questions. The Eigenquestion is the question that, if answered, answers all the subsequent questions as well, discussed in more detail here.

"The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds."

- Theo Jansen

tl;dr: "I was struggling to learn how to design web pages with HTML in 5th grade so I set off to make my own language. Yep. But that meant I first had to learn how to code and then learn how to make a compiler. It took about 10 years! Fun ensues."
I've Locked Myself Out Of My Digital Life
- Terence Eden

tl;dr: "Imagine… last night, lightning struck our house and burned it down. I escaped wearing only my nightclothes. In an instant, everything was vaporised. Laptop? Cinders. Phone? Ashes. Home server? A smouldering wreck. Yubikey? A charred chunk of gristle. This presents something of a problem." Terence discusses the issues with 2FA, especially when "when things are secured by an unassailable algorithm" instead of a human.

Development Environments
- Dimitri Sabadie
#ThoughtPiece #DevEx

tl;dr: "I want to use this blog article to ask questions and not necessarily answer them, but discuss them: “how we should be developing in the modern era?” Dimitri starts with the following problems: (1) TUIs are not graphically rich enough. (2) CLI-based composition is a "nightmare of running the same command over and over." (3) A terminal is just static text and nothing changes unless you run a command.
My Wonderful HTML Email Workflow
- Josh W Comeau

tl;dr: Building an HTML email from scratch is a "gnarly adventure." Email clients don't support modern luxuries like CSS Grid, or Flexbox. Instead, "we need to resort to using HTML <table> tags. Plus, there are dozens of email clients, each with their own quirks and idiosyncracies." Josh discusses the adventure here.
Notable GitHub Repos
Awesome Hacker Search Engines
Search engines useful during penetration testing, bug bounties and more. 

Modern language for transforming data. A pipelined SQL replacement.


Next-gen web framework built for speed & simplicity. 

Awesome Developer Profile
A Collection of GitHub Profiles with awesome readme.

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