Issue #159

31 October 2019

Issue #159
Weekly Reading For Technical Leaders
SLOs Are The API For Your Engineering Team
- Charity Majors, CTO at Honeycomb
#Management #Productivity 
tl;dr: Engineering productivity is hampered by outside management requesting features, shifting priorities, etc... SLOs are the "abstraction layer" for those trying to interact or collaborate with your team. Charity runs through how this works. 
- Ellen Spertus, CS Professor at Mills College
tl;dr: Seasoned engineer who worked at Google, Microsoft and Mozilla discusses three of her most embarrassing mistakes and the valuable lessons she learned from each. 
- Gergely Orosz, Engineering Lead at Uber
#Management #Estimates
tl;dr: Businesses are date driven so should engineering teams be. It's a hard skill, and when estimates are wildly off, there's an opportunity to introspect and improve. Meeting estimates build trust. The key is communicating feature changes and tradeoffs with the business early on. 
- Yegor Bugayenko, CEO at Zerocracy
#Management #Standups
tl;dr: There's no need for stand-ups except for weak managers to exert guilt onto engineers. Strong managers don't need them, they leverage reward-and-punishment mechanisms.
- James Whittaker, Former Distinguished Engineer & Evangelist at Microsoft
#Microsoft #Culture #Management
tl;dr: Cultural shadows of past CEOs remain, so does the flawed management they hired. Microsoft's rejuvenation under the current CEO has come in departments where such managers have been cast aside for less well known, culturally diverse talent. These changes are not prevalent enough though. 

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- Alex Danco, Former Investor At Social Capital
tl;dr: Software is shifting the world from ownership to access e.g. we've shifted from digital files stored on our computer to Slack, owning cars to hiring Ubers. This may seem attractive but comes with costs and opportunities. 
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- Web Foundation
tl;dr: “It’s astonishing to think the internet is already half a century old. But its birthday is not altogether a happy one." The Foundation is publishing a contract next month to ensure "our online world is safe, empowering and genuinely for everyone."
- Jeremy Katz, Cofounder at Tidelift
#Python #OpenSource
tl;dr: There is a burden on maintainers of the 200,000 Python libraries to meet the looming deadline. It's another reason why OS maintainers should be paid for their work.  
- Julia Evans
tl;dr: Multiple attempts to upgrade SQLite leads lead Julia to be "reminded of how executables and shared libraries work". 
- Wesley Moore, Programmer into Rust
#Rust #Go #CommandLine
tl;dr: There is a "strong preference for fast tools without a large runtime dependency", most of these are written in Go or Rust. 
- Hugo Landau
tl;dr: "XML is a markup language. It is not a data format". The "majority of XML schemas fail to appreciate this distinction". Article comes with examples of bad schemas. 
- Daniel Rosenwasser, Program Manager at TypeScript
tl;dr: Version includes some of the most highly-requested features, including Optional Chaining, Nullish Coalescing, Assertion Functions and more. 
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