Issue #265

2 November 2021

Issue #265

Tuesday 2nd November's issue is presented by WorkOS
How To Build A Culture Of Ownership, And Other Engineering Leadership Tips From Plaid & Dropbox
- Jean-Denis Greze
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: How Jean-Denis navigates the following 5 leadership challenges: How to: (1) Craft a bottoms-up culture of ownership from the top. (2) Motivate for tackling big problems at scale. (3) Balance company and employee goals. (4) Build teams with high humility and low egos. (5) Transition to becoming a manager of managers. 

42 Things I Learned From Building A Production Database
- Mahesh Balakrishnan
#Database #Management
tl;dr: Things learned as a tech lead building new infrastructure at a large company: (1) Keep your customers happy; else the rest of this document doesn’t matter. (2) A road-map is a means, not an end. (3) Be conservative on APIs and liberal with implementations. (4) In a transparent codebase with quick review cycles, APIs will leak implementation details unless you gate-keep.
The Developer’s Guide to SSO
#Guide #BestPractice

tl;dr: Single-sign-on via SAML or oAuth is often one of the first features an engineering team needs to build as a product gains traction among larger customers. We explore how it works, how to add it to your app, and best practices for implementation.

Promoted by WorkOS.

The Ritual Of The Deploy
- Vicki Boykis
#Mangement #Culture

tl;dr: "Deploying is a ritual, one of my coworkers wrote recently. It’s a sacred place, a quiet place, and a dangerous place, where anything can happen. In deployment, the system is in a fragile state, and you are in a fragile state." Vicki points to a prod deploy as a common, ritualistic moment for engineers.

A Note From WorkOS

WorkOS is a developer platform to make your app enterprise-ready. With a few simple APIs, you can add enterprise features like Single Sign-On, SAML, SCIM user provisioning, and more.

tl;dr: "I've been using Bash functions quite liberally over the past couple years, but last week I discovered that they can be much better than I thought. In this post, I'll explain how I thought they worked, why I was wrong, and how that makes them better."
Programmer’s Emotions
- Milosz Danczak
#MentalHealth #CareerAdvice
tl;dr: Milosz lists all the various emotions he feels as a programmer, along with the cause of each e.g. Shame - "When I discover that something I wrote some time ago is faulty, I feel ashamed. Or when somebody finds an obvious mistake in my pull request."
tl;dr: Having worked remotely for many years, Olivier values his communications tools, recommending a specific list and outlining their cost. "A simple look can trigger a strong reaction and a sense of shared understanding. A slight change in intonation can convey doubt or excitement better than a paragraph." 
Python 3.10: Cool New Features For You To Try
- Geir Arne Hjelle

tl;dr: A tutorial that illustrates new features, such as "debugging with more helpful and precise error messages, using structural pattern matching to work with data structures, adding more readable and specific type hints." And more.
Notable GitHub Repos
The open-source notification infrastructure for products.

Easily and securely send things from one computer to another

A fast compiler written in rust; producing widely-supported javascript from modern standards & typescript.

A system to flag anomalous source code expressions by learning typical expressions from training data.
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