Issue #376

23 December 2022

Issue #376
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OKRs Are Hard
- Camille Fournier
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "In this post, I decided to write down my definition of what a good OKR looks like. My thinking has evolved from what I first learned long ago in half-remembered talks, blog posts, and books, and is now based on my experience using them to set team goals over the past ten or so years."
#Leadership #Management #DevEx
tl;dr: 4 principles are DevEx at scale: (1) Keep squads fast by keeping them small, capable, and aligned. (2) Make engineering excellence and quality an everyday practice. (3) The best solutions come from the bottom up, so empower the teams doing the work. (4) Our fellow developers are our customers, so build with empathy. 
Building Secure, Compliant Containers
- Elliot Volkman
#Management #Security #Container

tl;dr: Containers are ideal for cloud-first organizations. However, as their use has grown, so have security incidents in container environments. Learn how to build secure containers that support business objectives.

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Challenging Algorithms And Data Structures Every Programmer Should Try
- Austin Henley
#Algos #DataStructures

tl;dr: "Not only have they come up during job interviews, but learning them changed how I think about problems." Austin's explains the following algorithms and data structures: (1) Topological sort. (2) Recursive descent parsing. (3) Myers string difference. (4) Bloom filter. (5) Piece table. (6) Splay tree.

"There’s nothing more permanent than a temporary hack."

- Kyle Simpson

Copilot Internals
- Parth Thakkar
#Architecture #ML #GitHub

tl;dr: "In this post, I try to answer specific questions about the internals of Copilot, while also describing some interesting observations I made as I combed through the code. I will provide pointers to the relevant code for almost everything I talk about, so that interested folks can take a look at the code themselves."

#Leadership #Management #Incidents
tl;dr: If you’re categorizing your incidents by cause, here are some options for causes that I’d love to see used. These are all taken directly from the field of cognitive systems engineering research: (1) Production pressure. (2) Goal conflicts. (3) Workarounds. (4) Automation surprises.
A Neat XOR Trick
- Matt Keeter

tl;dr: "With this last trick, we're down to O(N) running time, with no dependence on the window size! I didn't do rigorous benchmarking, but one reply said that this trick sped up their code by almost 3x. There's no moral to the story, other than "xor is cool"."
The Wavefunction Collapse Algorithm Explained Very Clearly
- Robert Heaton

tl;dr: "Wavefunction Collapse is a very independent-minded algorithm, and needs almost no outside help or instruction. You feed it an example of the vibe you’re going for, and it figures everything else out for itself. Despite this self-sufficiency, it is surprisingly simple. It doesn’t use any neural networks, random forests, or anything else that sounds like machine learning. This makes it very clean and intuitive once you get the idea."

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Notable GitHub Repos
Open source and free music notation software. 

Point cloud diffusion for 3D model synthesis.

Information gathering framework for phone numbers.
Build fast web applications with Rust.

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