Issue #33.1

20 May 2015

Issue #33.1: How Do You Judge a Javascript Programmer By Only 5 Questions, and much more...

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- Written by Mattias Johansson, Engineer at Spotify
 #Javascript #Management
- Written by Kevin London, Software Engineer at Wiredriver
Javascript: The Extra Good Parts
- Written by Dan Shappir, R&D at Wix
- Selected by Miguel Sanchez Rodriguez, Python & Javascript Engineer
- Written by Daniel Kaplan, Software Consultant
- Written by Derek Harris, Senior Research Analyst at Mesophere
Impedance (Mis)matching
- Written by Bruno de Carvalho, Director of Mobile at TimeHop
- Selected by Rich Hong, CTO and Co-Founder of 
- Written by Marc Tamlyn, Django Core Developer
  #Postgres #Django
- Written by Larry Gadea, Founder of Sign with Envoy, Former Engineer at Twitter and Google
- Written by the Quantified Code Engineering Team
- Written by Craig Ringer, Postgres Developer at 2ndQuadrant
- Written by Adrian Rosebrock, Python Developer
Why is [] Faster than list() 
- Written by Martjin Pieters, Open Source Software Engineer
Advancing JS Without Breaking The Web (Video)
- Written by Christian Heilmann, Senior Program Manager Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft