Issue #237

16 July 2021

Issue #237

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#ProductManagement #Infrastructure
tl;dr: Infrastructure teams have 2 modes of operation: (1) A foundation mode where tasks are mandatory e.g. compliance, security, scaling a popular product. (2) Innovation mode where teams have the flexibility in prioritizing and solving problems - teams have less experience here so Will guides us through the process of problem discovery, prioritization and validation.
#Management #Productivity

tl;dr: Muts Inayama, VP of Product & Eng at Imgur, provides 5 top tips "to ensure engineers stay on track, understand their priorities, and remain motivated to create the best product possible."

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tl;dr: "Teams will often swarm around problems, leadership is transient in nature and leaders will arise to fit the problem. In this world, hierarchy is unimportant and few care about the top floor office or the status symbols of power. What motivates people are customer and societal outcomes. Outcome not output matters." 
The 10 Most Valuable Lessons I Learned As A Developer
- Oliver Jumpertz
tl;dr: With over 21 years of experience, Oliver cites the following: (1) You will never know everything. (2) A good team doesn't scale your capabilities linearly but exponentially. (3) Code should be written for humans. (4) Patience is your best friend, and more.
Give Me /Events, Not Webhooks
- Anthony Accomazzo

tl;dr: You can't rely on webhooks alone to keep two systems consistent. Every integration Anthony worked with has augmented webhooks with polling due to the fact that "senders typically retry undelivered webhooks with some exponential back-off" & webhooks are "too easy to mishandle or lose." Anthony discusses the advantages of /events.

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#Productivity #Video
tl;dr: (1) Plan 3 tasks to finish each day. (2) Do one thing at a time to work deliberately on one thing. (3) Get the most out of your energy - eating well, exercise, sleep. (4) Stay offline to avoid procrastination. (5) Daydream: let the mind wander to connect the dots in your mind. 
Google’s Unfair Performance Advantage In Chrome
- Daniel Aleksandersen
#Chrome #Android
tl;dr: Daniel took a look at the Chromium source code and found a feature that gives Google's Search "an 80% head start" in delivering search results compared to competitors on Android.
A/B Tests For Lyft Hardware
- Garrett Drayna
tl;dr: "We will illustrate a couple of A/B tests which we have done to safely and confidently improve the user experience, lower costs, and provide the best possible service for the cities in which we operate."
tl;dr: "In this post I've included 10 such GitHub repositories which will help you to become a better JavaScript Developer and will also help you to follow best practices, clear concepts and write scalable and clean code."
tl;dr: Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language and a powerful environment, focused on simplicity and immediate feedback.

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