Issue #263

26 October 2021

Issue #263

Tuesday 26th October's issue is presented by Retool
Habits I've Developed for Fast + Efficient Programming
- Casey Primozic
#CareerAdvice #Productivity

tl;dr: (1) Getting really good at using “go-to definition” in the editor. (2) Making extensive use of full-codebase search and learning the best things to grep for in order to navigate code quickly. (3) Writing descriptive and unique error messages that can be easily searched for, and more.

tl;dr: Dan believes the "compounding benefit" and ROI of asking a stupid sounding question is quite large and those willing to ask them "end up understanding things much more deeply over time," despite the fear many feel doing so. Dan provides examples of such questions.
Best PostgreSQL GUIs in 2021
#PostgreSQL #Guide

tl;dr: Our team of developers researched the best PostgreSQL GUIs in 2021 so you don’t have to. We'll break down the best GUIs for querying, visualizing and analyzing your Postgres data, as well as remotely accessing and navigating database servers.

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Learn To Hire Well And You’ll Never Lose
- Hunter Walk
#Leadership #Management #Hiring
tl;dr: 3 tips: (1) Know what excellent looks like - if you don't know what an excellent marketer looks like, spend time with a few who excel in their domain. (2) Ask candidates who reject you to name names i.e. people in their network who could fill the role. (3) Sell past the close, in case the candidate gets a counter offer from their current employer, etc..
A Note From Retool
Retool is the fast way for developers to build and share internal tools. Drag and drop components to create apps. Seamlessly switch between a visual builder and code to define how they look, act, and connect to data. The result - less repetitive work and better apps that move your business forward.

Five Clues Your Employees Are Still In Crisis Mode
- Lara Hogan
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: (1) Questioning or doubting new plans, decisions and processes matter. (2) Avoiding or being constantly checked out. (3) Fighting. (4) Bonding, or discussing issues with peers. (5) Talking about leaving the company or role. Lara provides a tactic to help counter each.

tl;dr: (1) Ask yes / no questions to check your understanding quickly. (2) State your current understanding. (3) Be willing to interrupt. (4) Don’t accept responses that don’t answer your question. (5) Take a minute to think, especially if you're surprised by an answer and need time for a new question.
Use Cases: The Purpose Of Your Code
- Joe Bew

tl;dr: Use cases are the very entry points to the application domain, they describe how domain actors interact with the application. They're the first place to look to understand the purpose of the application, the domain, and all the business rules it supports. They can be a great benefit to the sustainability of your code, which Joe explains here.
A 16 Year History Of The Git Init Command
- Jacob Stopak
tl;dr: "How the git init command originated and how it has changed each year for the past 16 years," along with "snapshots from Git's code every year from 2005 to 2021."
Notable GitHub Repos
Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second.

TheAlgorithms - Python
All Algorithms implemented in Python.

A Spotify downloader needing a python interpreter and ffmpeg.

The Tiny JavaScript Game Engine That Can.
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