Issue #363

28 October 2022

Issue #363
Friday 28th October's issue is presented by Faros AI

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Addressing Tech Debt
- Abi Noda
#Leadership #Management #TechDebt

tl;dr: Abi discusses different types of tech debt, signs that tech debt is becoming a bottleneck, and strategies for addressing debt: (1) Transparent information: Technical strategy must be informed by information on signals e.g. business performance. (2) Clear end-to-end ownership. (3) Empowered teams. (4) Lightweight process: e.g. automated checks or architectural peer review to enforce policies and aid developers.
How To Build Software like an SRE
- Brandon Willett

tl;dr: "My goal here isn’t “what is 100% the most reliability-oriented way we can build things”, it’s more like “what is the 80% of reliability we can get for 20% of the effort while still enabling devs to go fast“, which gets you ultimately a system that looks pretty different. But it’s a line worth walking – if you do it well, working with production is fun, instead of miserably-safe or frighteningly-dangerous."

It's Time to Do More With Less
- Shubha Nabar
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Visibility into engineering operations is hard due to the fragmentation and diversity of data sources. Industry benchmarks and frameworks such as DORA and SPACE are gaining traction, enabling teams to get a sense of how they’re doing and the room for improvement.
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#Leadership #Management #Hiring
tl;dr: "Here’s a question that comes up a lot. It goes something like: “I’ve only worked 10 months at this job, and it’s terrible. If I look for a new job now, will my short tenure be a red flag?” Or, from hiring managers: “I’m looking at a resume showing they’ve worked three jobs in the last four years. Is that something to be concerned about?” Jacob discusses his perspective here, as well as how hiring managers and candidates should evaluate and respond. 
Editor's Note

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An Informal Comparison Of Several Programming Languages
- Gabe Durazo

tl;dr: "This repository implements the same simple backend API in a variety of languages. It's just a personal project of mine to get a feel for the languages, and shouldn't be taken too seriously. So far I've built it in C#, Typescript (Deno), Elixir, Go, Rust, and Scala." Gabe discusses his thoughts on each implementation. 

tl;dr: The flaw "is exploitable when large string inputs are passed to the SQLite implementations of the printf functions and when the format string contains the %Q, %q, or %w format substitution types. This is enough to cause the program to crash. We also show that if the format string contains the ! special character to enable unicode character scanning, then it is possible to achieve arbitrary code execution in the worst case, or to cause the program to hang and loop (nearly) indefinitely."
Futuristic CSS
- Sacha Greif 

tl;dr: Future CSS trends and takes a look at some far-fetched and futuristic CSS features that might one day make their way to the browses, such as CSS toggles, switch function, intrinsic typography. And more. 
Record-Breaking Chip Can Transmit Entire Internet's Traffic Per Second
- Michael Irving

tl;dr: "The speed record for data transmission using a single light source and optical chip has been shattered once again. Engineers have transmitted data at a blistering rate of 1.84 petabits per second (Pbit/s), almost twice the global internet traffic per second."

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Notable GitHub Repos
Tool for generating terminal GIFs from code. 

Python framework for apps that run in terminal.

High-performance TypeScript compiler. 

Next-gen toolchain for frontend development.

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