Issue #216

24 November 2020

Issue #216
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tl;dr: (1) Management is about make those around you better. (2) Set expectations at the “what” level, not the “how” level. (3) It’s impossible to help someone if you're burnt out. (4) Spend most of your time with the highest performers. (5) Be realistic about what you can offer. (6) Have hard conversations early.
On Exactitude in Technical Debt
- Kevlin Henney
tl;dr: "Technical debt is not the cost of repaying the debt: it is the cost of owning the debt. These are not the same." It's also not necessarily a negative thing. Kevlin feels the metaphor is commonly misused. 
#Management #ProductManagement
tl;dr: A top down approach when a product manager mandates, with little buy in from the team, yields low engagement. A collaborative sprint with members of product, design, engineering, research, support, and analytics creates much higher engagement. 
How Apple Is Organized For Innovation
- Joel Podolny, Morten Hansen
tl;dr: Apple has a functional organizational design - teams are structured around features i.e. cameras, not product categories i.e. iPhones. Three management traits are key: (1) Deep field expertise. (2) Immersion in details. (3) Willingness to collaboratively debate.
#RemoteWork #Management
tl;dr: People are "struggling to delineate between work time and personal time, and were prone to working long hours without pausing for a break." We need to find effective ways of “switching off” or risk burning out.

"Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability."

- E. W. Dijkstra

tl;dr: "Distributing things solves scaling concerns, but introduces a whole new world of problems, many of which were previously solved by monoliths." 
#Diversity #Inclusivity #Guide
tl;dr: "This DEI playbook has been created to help People Ops Leaders at companies around the world take action and create a more comprehensive DEI program."
The Rust Performance Book
- Nicholas Nethercote
tl;dr: "This book contains many techniques that can improve the performance - speed and memory usage - of Rust programs."
10 Awesome Github Repos Every Web Developer Should Know
- Simon Holdorf
tl;dr: "ten great repositories on GitHub that will definitely give you an instant knowledge boost."
Announcing TypeScript 4.1
- Daniel Rosenwasser
tl;dr: Template literal types, key remapping in mapped types, recursive conditional types, and more.