Issue #103

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Running Containers Without Docker
- Written by Julia Evans, engineer at Stripe
A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue
- Written by Sacha Greif, Co-author of Meteor
How We Deploy Python Code
- Written by Rob McQueen, Site Reliability at Nylas
Applying The Linus Torvalds "Good Taste" Coding Requirement
- Written by Brian Barto, Software Engineer
The Ultimate Guide to Remote Working
- Written by Wade Foster, Co-founder and the engineering team at Zapier
PostgreSQL's Forign Data Wrapper
- Written by George Brocklehurst, Development Director at Thoughtbot

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Service Discovery at Stripe
- Written by Julia Evans, engineer at Stripe
Generate Sounds Programmatically with Javascript
- Written by Marc Gauthier, Director of Engineering at Drivy
How Google and Bing Protect Their API
- Written by Viacheslav Rudkovskyi, Software Engineer
Designing Your SaaS Database for Scale with Postgres
- Written by Ozgun Erdogan, Co-founder at Citus Data
What I Learned From Writing Six Functions That All Did The Same Thing
- Written by Jackson Bates, Moderator at Free Code Camp
Buidling the Phonic Web
- Written by Suman Deb Roy, Lead Data Scientist at Betaworks and Digg

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