Issue #17.2

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The Most Diabolical Python Antipattern
- Written Aaron Maxwell, Instructor at NewCircle
A Gentle Primer on Reverse Engineering
- Written by Emily St, programmer at Simple
- Suggested by Michael Hoffman, Product Manager at Food52 
#Security #C
How We Know Where You Are in House of Cards
- Written by Philip Fisher-Ogden, Director of Engineering at Netflix
#Architecture #Scaling
When Main is not a Function
- Written by James Rowe, CS Student at Brigham Young University
#Search #Scaling
Netflix Like React
- Written by Jordanna Kwok, Engineer at Netflix
Inside Microsoft's New Rendering Engine
- Written by Jacob Rossi, engineer at Microsoft
is.js: Micro Check Library
- Written by Aras Atasaygin, Javascript Developer
Coming Soon - AWS SDK for Go
- Written by Peter Moon, Product Manager at Amazon
#GoLang #AWS