Issue #123

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The State of Technology at the End of 2018
- Ben Thompson, Author and Founder of Stratechery
Open Source Confronts its Midlife Crisis
- Bryan Cantrill, VP of Engineering at Joyent
Rethinking How We Interview in Microsoft’s Developer Division
- John Montgomery, Runs Program Management, Research, and Design Teams for Developer Tools at Microsoft
The Practical Value of Semantic HTML
- Bruce Lawson, Smashion Advisor at Smashing Magazine
All About Prefetching
Katie Hempenius, Software Engineer at Google
What Happens When Packages Go Bad?
Jake Archibald, Developer Advocate for Google Chrome
Bye Bye Mongo, Hello Postgres
- Philip McMahon, Senior Software Developer at Guardian News & Media
The Yoda of Silicon Valley
Siobhan Roberts, Journalist, author
Python Gets a New Governance Model
- Jake Edge, Software Developer
Performance Anti-Patterns: Base64 Encoding
Doug Sillars, Freelance Developer Evangelist: Mobile and web performance. Google Developer Expert
Stop Learning Frameworks
Eduards Sizovs, Programmer, Trainer, Speaker, and Conference Organizer.
A Radical New Neural Network Design Could Overcome Big Challenges In AI
Karen Hao, covers AI for MIT Technology Review