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The Secret to Rails OO Design
- Written by Steve Klabnik, Software Developer
- Selected by Mike Riley, Senior Rails Engineer
#Python #SQL
Surviving Data Science at the Speed of Hype
- Written by John Foreman, Chief Data Scientist at Mailchimp
Hiring Mobile Engineers vs Training Mobile Engineers
- Written by Fred Wilson, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures
10 Easy to Fix Ruby / Ruby on Rails Mistakes
- Written by Adam Niedzielski, CEO at Sunday Coding, Python and JS Developer
#Ruby #Rails
Why Tech Startups Should Look at Go
- Written by William Kennedy, Go Developer
- Selected by Keyur Raval, Tech Enthusiast
How to Use The 3 Instruments You Should be Using (iOS Development)
- Written by David McGraw, Founder of Moonlit Solutions and iOS Developer
Librosa: A Python Library for Music Analysis
- Written by Brian McFee, Fellow at Center for Data Science at NYU
6 Gems to Make Rails Development Easier
- Written by Greg Niewisiewicz, Python, Ruby and C Developer
I feel Like a Fraud - and that's a Good Thing
- Written by Christian Heilmann, Senior Program Manager Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft
React.js Conf 2015 Keynote(Video)
Deep Dive into React Native(Video)
- Presented by Christopher Chedeau, front-end engineer at Facebook and Tom Occhino, Javascript developer at Facebook
- Selected by Riley Shaw, founder of PairJam
Moving from Node.js to Go at Bowery
- Written and Selected by Steve Kaliski, CTO at Bowery 
#Go #Nodejs
Pairing with Junior Developers
- Written by Sarah Mei, Founder of RailsBridge
- Selected by Ryan Clark Merrill, Designer and Developer
How to Develop Apple Watch Apps
- Written by Doron Katz, Startup Project Lead and Journalist