Issue #125

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How to Build Product-Oriented Engineering Teams
Ryan Ashcraft, Software Engineer at Amplitude Analytics
What Truly Makes a Senior Developer
Brenn Hill, Lead Developer at Previse
AWS, MongoDB, and the Economic Realities of Open Source
Ben Thompson, Author and Founder of Stratechery
I Interviewed At Six Top Companies In Silicon Valley In Six Days, And Stumbled Into Six Job Offers
- Bay Area Belletrist
How I try to Organize My Life To Make Me Happy
Paul Adams, VP of Product at Intercom
How Battlehouse Saved $60,000 A Year On AWS
- Dan Maas, DevOps expert, YC alumnus
Good Engineering Practices While Working Solo
- Shalvah, Backend Software Engineer at Deimos
Monorepo: Please Do!
Adam Jacob, CTO at Chef
9 Kubernetes Security Best Practices Everyone Must Follow
Connor Gilbert, Senior Product Manager at StackRox
The Life of a GitHub Action
Jess Frazelle, Engineer at Github 
RunJS - Write And Run JavaScript Instantly
Luke Haas, JavaScript/React Developer
Find Your Next Tech Conference
Ekaterina Prigara, Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains,  Nima Izadi, Lead Dev Shopify, Trivikram Kamat, Software Development Engineer NodeJS & Christian Grail, Development Architect at SAP