Issue #160

7 November 2019

Issue #160
Weekly Reading For Technical Leaders
- Bertrand Meyer, Professor Of Software Engineering at Politecnico di Milano
tl;dr: Brooks' Law - adding people to a late project delays it further - is challenged here. It's a sign of bad management, not a law. If you have the right people to add, empirical evidence shows that you can speed up projects to an extent. 
What I’ve Learned About Life From Six Months Learning Piano
- Chad Dickerson, CEO coach, Cornell Tech Fellow & Former CEO at Etsy
tl;dr: The approach to learning is critical: "when we subtly shift toward both focusing on and finding joy in the process of achieving instead of having the goal, we have gained a new skill. And once mastered, it is magical and incredibly empowering.”
- Jeff Kaufman,Senior Software Engineer at Google
tl;dr: A single cache is a security risk, browsers are responding by partitioning the cache. As a result, developers "won't get performance benefits from using a canonical URL over hosting on their own site." 
- Alex MacCaw, Co-founder and CEO at Clearbit
tl;dr: If Alex could give his younger self advice, he would say these 10 things. Includes being less tied to being right and to focus on what gives you energy, not what you're good at. 
- Thomas Fine
tl;dr: Early versions of the QWERTY keyboard included a mysterious symbol. To this day no one knows its purpose, this article runs through several theories. 
- Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert, CS PhD In Robotics & Deep Learning Research
tl;dr:  Contributor to an Open Source project found a bug that should have been detected a while back. She concludes that most users aren't invested in reporting issues, and that's something creators have to consider. 
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- Software Engineer, Retrocomputing Enthusiast, Amateur Antiquarian
tl;dr: "Some modern JS features that didn’t get much airtime when they first came out. Some are just quality of life improvements, but others are genuinely handy and can save whole swathes of code."
- Susanna Zaraysky, Content Strategist at Google
tl;dr: The process Google underwent to optimize text field design. A comparison of how the first and final designs compared.

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- Ben Eater
tl;dr: 50mins video on how a 6502 microprocessor, which started the home computer revolution in the 80s, reads the code we write.   
- Taylor Blau, Infrastructure Engineer at GitHub
tl;dr: "With features and bug fixes from over 78 contributors, 21 of them new. A look at some of the most exciting features and changes introduced since Git 2.23"
- Andy Johns, Partner at Unusual Ventures
tl;dr: In the bulk of a product development process, standups aren't useful. Instead, hold 1-2 meetings a week with the following agenda - (1) action items: who is handling what key action item and by what date? (2) what decisions need to be made?
- Khari Johnson, Staff Writer at VentureBeat
#QuantumComputing #Microsoft #Cloud
tl;dr: "In short, the kit has everything a developer needs to build their own quantum computing programs and experiments. You can use it to learn basic quantum concepts, code your first quantum application, and deliver real-world solutions."
Notable Developer Conferences 2019
Microsoft Ignite 
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React Day Berlin 
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