Issue #134

28 March 2019

Issue #134

#General #Management
tl;dr: This article creates a framework for a distinguished engineer - she's a technical leader understanding all aspects of the system, picks up new concepts easily, values learning, empowers others, gives constructive criticism, engages with the outside community to learn & not be siloed.  

tl;dr: Deliver feedback using a concise statement structured by the non-violent communication (NVC) technique 🚫🔫, using an observation, emotion, the universal need & request. 

tl;dr: Eight recommendations in total, starting with turning off all notifications, creating a to-do list and starting with the hardest, most important task. 


tl;dr: As teams grow quickly, leadership style changes in the following ways - move from direct to indirect management, reports treat you differently, more context switching, re-prioritization of challenges & focus of people-centric skills. The article outlines ways to manage these changes as they happen. 

#Architecture #Redux
tl;dr: As complex web apps increase in scope, architectural integrity is sacrificed due to the oversight of how data will interact within the app later on. This article guides us on how to structure a Redux app that scales as data needs to interact in initially unexpected ways.   

tl;dr:  The author compares his reality of working at a startup against expectations, which were having a fast career growth, making money from equity and learning more. He outlines why certain startups may be more attractive for engineers and outlines the understated pros of working at larger companies. 

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#MongoDB #NewTechnologies
tl;dr: MongoDB's rapid rise resulted in many implementing it without proper evaluation. This article asks decision makers to know the answers to two questions when considering new tools 🔧 - what problems am I trying to solve and what am I giving up?

"Don't Deploy On Friday" And 3 Other "Unwritten Rules" of Software Engineering
- Tobias Merkle

tl;dr: Maintain regular backups i.e. database, cryptographic keys, config files, get a complete spec before you start and, finally, if you see bikeshedding - wasting time on trivial matters while sacrificing important ones - call it out. 

Engineering Guide To Writing Correct User Stories
- Nikita Sobolev

tl;dr: This article runs through how to get better with the default user story format, rewrite stories so they become verifiable and how to link user stories with tests, source code, and documentation. 

You Probably Don’t Need Input type=“number”
- Brad Frost
#JS #Front-end

tl;dr: Often input="number" is used for numeric input fields allowing users to increment / decrement the input. This is a poor experience when the inputs are credit cards, social security numbers, etc... 

Standardizing WASI: A System Interface To Run WebAssembly Outside The Web
- Lin Clark

tl;dr: As developers start to push WebAssembly beyond the browser, they need a systems interface. This runs through the initial steps being taken to put that interface into place and what it may look like. 

Swift 5 Released
Ted Kremenek

tl;dr: Swift runtime is now included in current and future versions of macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. Also introduces reimplementation of String, enforcement of exclusive access to memory during runtime, new data types, and support for dynamically callable types.
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