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7 March 2019

How Is Software Developed At Amazon?
- Todd Hoff, Writer at High Scalability
#Architecture # Scaling

tl;dr: Fireside chat with Ken Exner, GM at AWS Dev Tools. The article summarizes it more extensively than I will. Key ideas are:
  • Create more autonomy and higher velocity by moving away from monolithic architecture towards microservices and two pizza teams 🍕🍕
  • Automate everything
  • Culture of ownership and accountability. Two pizza teams own everything relevant to their product. They acts like startups, managers oversee startups
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Never Feel Overwhelmed At Work Again: How To Use The M.I.T. Technique
Sihui Huang, Engineer at Gusto
tl;dr: M.I.T. stands for Most Important Task, a critical task that will create significant results. "Every day, create a list of 2 or 3 M.I.T.s, and focus on getting them done as soon as possible." The article details how to approach this and benefits. 

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MentalHealthError: Three Years Later
- Kenneth Reitz, Sr. Developer Relations Advocate at DigitalOcean
tl;dr: Kenneth discusses what he's learnt three years on from being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He's super brave for sharing this. Highlighting the importance of mental health is so important to all of us. 
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The 7 Step Onboarding Process to Get Employees Fully Ramped In 2 Weeks
Marie Prokopets, Co-Founder at FYI
What is Dark?
- Paul Biggar, Software Engineer, Founder of Dark & CircleCI
From Software Engineer to Engineering Manager
- David Chua, Engineer at ShopBack
Programming Books You Wish You Read Earlier
 - Marty Jacobs at Zero Equals False
How To Make Your Organization Attractive To Engineering Talent
- Jason Swett, Developer, Author & Host of The Ruby Testing Podcast
Hiring Without Whiteboards
- Lauren Elizabeth Tan, Engineering Manager at Netflix, Studio UI
Coping with Feedback
Dan Abramov, Co-author of Redux and Create React App
10 Git Commands You Should Know
Jeff Hale, Data Scientist and COO at Rebel Desk
The Web Just Took A Big Step Toward A Password-free Future
- Jon Porter, Reporter at Verge

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QCon (March 4-6)
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DevNexus (March 6-8)
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ConFoo (March 13-15)
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Strata Data Conf (March 27-28)
San Francisco, CA, USA
React Amsterdam (April 10-12)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
SmashingConf (April 16-17)
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Devoxx (April 17-19)
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PHP[tek] (May 21 - 23)
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GlueCon (May 22-23)
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OSCON (July 17-18)
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Tokyo, Japan
GopherCon (July 24-27)
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Strange Loop (Sept 12-14)
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DjangoCon US (Sept 22-27)
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Oracle CodeOne (Sept 16–19)
SF, California 
React Day Berlin (Nov 30)
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Microsoft Ignite (Nov 4-8)
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dotJS (Dec 5-6)
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DevTernity (December 6-7)
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