Issue #379

10 January 2023

Issue #379
Tuesday 10th January's issue is presented by QA Wolf

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tl;dr: (1) Getting laid off is a profoundly lonely experience. (2) It’s gonna take longer than you think. (3) Interview invites are a poor proxy for your desirability. (4) You are going to have to do things that you don’t want to do. (5) Most offers for help are reflexive responses. (6) Honesty can only hurt you. (7) You probably should turn down that job offer. (8) You’ll learn more from getting laid off than you did at your job. 
How To Boost Code Coverage With Functional Testing

tl;dr: From the DoorDash team, "We introduce a functional testing approach that doesn't need any manual setup and can be run like unit tests locally or in a CI pipeline. This approach: (1) Helps catch & reproduce more bugs during local development and greatly reduces debugging time. (2) Accelerates refactoring by testing API contracts without getting involved in implementation details. (3) Provides greater code coverage than traditional tests. 
Developers Are Already Responsible For Code Quality. Don't Add Blackbox E2E Tests To Their Backlog Too.
- Kirk Nathanson
#Management #Testing

tl;dr: Should developers manage end-to-end tests? No. In this post we explain why effective teams offload blackbox end-to-end tests to dedicated experts.

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Reverse Engineering TikTok's VM Obfuscation (Part 1)
#TikTop #Architecture #Data

tl;dr: "The platform has implemented various methods to make it difficult for reverse-engineers to understand exactly what data is being collected and how it is being used. Analyzing the call stack of a request made on tiktok can begin to paint the picture for us."

“Indeed, the ratio of time spent reading versus writing is well over 10 to 1. We are constantly reading old code as part of the effort to write new code... Therefore, making it easy to read makes it easier to write.”

- Robert C. Martin

Logging Practices I Follow
- Eliran Turgeman

tl;dr: "There are many pitfall that can lead to useless, wasteful and confusing logs. Therefore I follow a specific set of practices which allows me to write better logs while also being consistent across the system." Eliran discusses here. 
How To Store Your App's Entire State In The URL
- Scott Antipa

tl;dr: "I wanted a way for people to use it without having to sign in, or store any data on our server. I wanted to give them control over their data and to be able to store it locally to open and edit later. And also easily share it with other people. It's easy to do this by supporting file upload/download, but I wanted something simpler, like the ability to share by sending a url."
tl;dr: "This post outlines the way I scanned PyPi, showcases a project I’ve built that automatically scans all new PyPi releases to notify AWS of potentially leaked keys, presents some analysis of the keys I’ve found and draws a few conclusions at the end."
- Brad Woods

tl;dr: "Sometimes a thing can be better communicated when shown from multiple perspectives. Below is an wireframe of a web page I used in a presentation. I needed to communicate there are 3 elements in the top-right corner, stacked on top of 1 another. By translating & rotating this wireframe in a 3D-space, I can show it from a 2nd perspective."

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Notable GitHub Repos
Book Searcher
Create and search books index, create your private library.

Minimal re-implementation of OpenAI's GPT.
OpenAI Cookbook
Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API.

Papers from the CS community to read and discuss.

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