Issue #232

4 June 2021

Issue #232
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 #RemoteWork #Management
tl;dr: Remote work has made documentation essential and Kevin Fisher, chief staff at Hashicorp, provides this advice to managers: (1) Lead by example, larger companies should start with one team to see what works. (2) Make docs an expectation e.g. integrate writing into your interview process. (3) Establish a process defining what needs documentation i.e. a major change in a team or minor change affecting multiple teams. 
#Management #Culture

tl;dr: Tactics to improve the "design mindset in your engineering culture," such as (1) the use of pair programming and mobbing because to vet every and debate small decisions. (2) "A good understanding of the business domains" so engineers and architects can create business-optimized designs, and more.

An Unbelievable Demo
- Brendan Gregg
tl;dr: Brendan was a consultant at Sun Microsystems and author of multiple Dtrace applications. Sun Microsystems, the original publishers of DTrace, introduced him to an "expert who was on a world tour demonstrating Sun's new DTrace-based product." When Brendan saw the product, he realized it was his own work being presented back to him.
tl;dr: 36 short snippets on career and life advice - (1) Never put your family, friends, or significant other low on your priority list. (2) Life is not a dress rehearsal - this is probably it.  Make it count. (3) Pick the right thing to do (this is critical and usually ignored), and more. 
-2000 Lines Of Code (1982)
- Andy Hertzfeld
tl;dr: Bill Atkinson, author of Quickdraw, thought that lines of code was a "silly measure of software productivity." His goal was to write small and fast programs. After completing a project where he re-wrote an algorithm more succinctly, he was asked to complete a business form asking him how many lines of code he had written. His answer was -2000. 

"The most important single aspect of software development is to be clear about what you are trying to build."

- Bjarne Stroustrup

The Cult Of Go Test
- Dan Mullineux
tl;dr: "Once you have assert.Equals dotted throughout the tests the cost of removing it becomes unaffordable." Dan's post "demonstrates that the value these assertion libs add is, at least, arguable and also details some of the complexities they add in exchange."
Why Python 4.0 Might Never Arrive, According To Its Creator
- Guido Van Rossum

tl;dr: "I’m not thrilled about the idea of Python 4 and nobody in the core dev team really is – so probably there never will be a 4.0 and we’ll just keep numbering until 3.33, at least.” 

#DeveloperTools #Front-End
tl;dr: You can now preview and author CSS Grid with the new CSS Grid editor, and more.
Find Your Next Job At A Company Trying To Change The World For The Better
tl;dr: "A job board with hand-picked engineering positions at companies trying to fix problems like climate-change and food insecurity."
#StackOverflow #IndustryNews
tl;dr: Stack Overflow will continue to operate independently. Prosus is a SA based company and primary shareholder of Chinese gaming mega co & WeChat developer, Tencent.

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