Issue #139

2 May 2019

tl;dr: The "accountability dial" is a spectrum of increasingly "severe" conversations managers can have with employees who aren't punching their weight 🥊. The article outlines how to initiate and structure these conversations.

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Using 6 Page and 2 Page Documents To Make Organizational Decisions
- Ian Nowland
tl;dr: Why these documents are effective, when to use them, how to approach writing them, followed by how they should be reviewed in a meeting.

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A Conspiracy To Kill IE6
Chris Zacharias

tl;dr: Just after Google's acquisition of YouTube, a YouTube engineer recounts his team's stealth effort to push a fifth of the site's users off of IE6 without informing the organization 🤫.  

Books That Every Engineering Manager Should Read
- Ovidiu Bute

tl;dr: Curated based on several factors - books cover a broad set of overlapping principles, they're written in different eras of the software production, listed in a specific order and limited to 7 recommendations.

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Don't Do This
- PostgreSQL Web Team
tl;dr: Things to not do on Postgres, broken down into the following categories - (1) Database Encoding (2) Tool usage (3) SQL constructs (4) Date/Time storage (5) Text storage (6) Other data types.
tl;dr: Organizational knowledge sharing is beneficial to productivity, but sharing is costly and difficult to implement. This guides on the finding the right cadence to share effectively. 

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Simplified Synthetic Monitoring
tl;dr:  Save time creating and managing synthetics tests with Datadog. Their new, AI-powered synthetic monitoring solution allows you to create code-free, self-maintaining Browser Tests within minutes; monitor SLAs in real time; and eliminate false-positive alerts stemming from broken tests.
Learn more about how you can start proactively monitoring end-user experience with Datadog.

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Finding Fulfilling Work (2013)
- Sean Rose

tl;dr: We expect certain things from a job (salary, company policies, etc...). Once we get these, job happiness starts to be defined by motivational factors - challenging work, recognition, responsibility, personal growth. 

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Python at Netflix
- The Netflix Engineering Team

tl;dr: High-level run through of how Python is used in the content life-cycle at Netflix along with mentions of the open-source packages used. 

HTTP Headers For The Responsible Developer
- Stefan Judis

tl;dr: Deep-dive into certain headers that help improve the user experience of websites and best practices on implementing them.  

Improving Third-party Web Performance At The Telegraph
- Gareth Clubb

tl;dr: Biggest challenge was organizational - meeting demands from various stakeholders. This was tackled by creating a cross-departmental working group. Articles outlines how deferring JS had significant impact on performance and tools used to monitor it.

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- Andrew Brown

tl;dr: Plethora of advice on giving talks. The first of which is to "throw up a Zoom link and allow people to attend virtually. There's almost always double the overall attendance, and it doesn't appear to affect in-person attendees." 📹

Happy Tools
- Automattic

tl;dr: Scheduling tool designed to help "tackle a problem that plagues companies like ours - scheduling in a modern, distributed work environment."

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