Issue #154

20 September 2019

Weekly Reading For Technical Leaders
- Owen Williams, Freelance UX Writer & Developer
tl;dr: Using cURL as an example, we see a fundamental issue with open source projects. cURL was developed by one person. It's used in millions of different devices daily, none of whom pay for it. 

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- David Umoh, CTO at Gloopro
#CTO #Startups
tl;dr: Light guide on how to become a first time CTO, the evolution of the role as the company grows along with helpful resources. 

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Developer Portfolios
- Emma Wedekind, Front-end Software Engineer at LogMeIn
tl;dr: Curated list of strong developer portfolios, a source of inspiration for your own portfolio. 
- Braden Kowitz, Product Designer & Co-founder at Range
tl;dr: This post employs five strategies for teams o work constructively together (1) creating psychological safety within a team (2) having a growth mindset (3) radical candor (4) clarity of purpose (5) building rituals. Well thought-out breakdown of each one. 
- Various Contributors
tl;dr: Crowdsourced thorough list of questions you can ask an interviewer to ensure you are vetting the company and position.
- Stevan Popovic, Junior Software Developer at Digital Fineprint
tl;dr: As follows (1) write (2) learn efficiently (3) don't try to learn all (4) avoid boring stuff (5) Refactoring - Unit-test - Debug (6) learn security (7) be open-minded. 
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- SeattleDataGuy
tl;dr: "There are a number of subjects that need to be covered in order to ensure you are ready for back-to-back questions on algorithms, data structures, design, optimization and honestly just an ever growing basket of subjects."
- Ellen Chisa
tl;dr: "Dark is a holistic programming language, editor, and infrastructure for building backends. You write in the Dark language, using the Dark editor, and your program is hosted on Dark’s infrastructure." 10 min video to show how to build a fully functional backend on the language. 
- John Cutler, Product Development at Amplitude
tl;dr: Trust is essential between team members and is a result of previous decisions made between team members. Second, language used by PMs is essential - John uses various scenarios to illustrate this.  
- Tobias Bjerrome Ahlin, Freelancing Front-end Designer & Teacher
#jQuery #Javascript
tl;dr: As the author migrated his site off of jQuery, he saw common patterns that he penned in this blog post.  
The Making Of An Animated Favicon
- Preethi Sam, Web Developer & Writer

tl;dr: Perhaps, this is a good way of leveraging under utilized real estate. The author runs through how to animate your site's favicon. 
- Jackie Augustine, Event Manager at Python Software Foundation
tl;dr: Proposals due November 22. Pycon is looking for beginner, intermediate, and advanced proposals on all topics, an opportunity to "share what you’re working on, how you’re working on it, what you’ve learned, what you’re learning."
Notable Developer Conferences 2019
DjangoCon US 
Sept 22-27
San Diego, CA
Oracle CodeOne 
Sept 16–19
SF, California
React Day Berlin 
Nov 30
Berlin, Germany
Microsoft Ignite 
Nov 4-8
Orlando, Florida, USA
Dec 5-6

Paris, France
December 6-7

Riga, Latvia