Issue #277

17 December 2021

Issue #277

Friday 17th December's issue is presented by Vanta
The Seven Areas Of Software Management
- Ian Nowland
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: (1) Engineering: How are things being built? (2) Execution: How are things getting built on time and within budget? (3) Operations: Is the built thing going to keep running? (4) People: Are people motivated taking part in what is being built? (5) Product: Are customers satisfied by what is being built? (6) Partners: Do all my partners understand and agree with all the above? (7) Company: How do I get the company to align with all these answers?
Agility ≠ Speed
- Kevlin Henney
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Agile is not achieving a sustainable speed in an optimal direction; "it is being able to change both speed and direction, and to do so easily. It is the second derivative of position with respect to time, not just the first: agility relates both to velocity and to the ability to change it, revising direction and pace as circumstances demand."
5 Tips for Evaluating SOC 2 Security Monitoring Platforms
#Security #Management #Tips

tl;dr: If you're needing to get SOC 2 certified, you're likely looking for the fastest and easiest platform to get it done. Let's be honest, it isn't fun (and usually not fast or easy either). It helps to know what to look for in a security monitoring platform so that you can avoid any unexpected hiccups. Here are the top 5 things to pay attention to in your evaluation process.

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The CTO Journey: Mark Porter Of MongoDB
- Mark Porter
#Leadership #Management #CTO

tl;dr: Q&A, including what traits, skills, and habits should an engineering team focus on: (1) Conway's Law: make sure your org and code are structured to represent the product you want to delight customers with. (2) Dunbar's Law: humans can maintain a certain number of social connections, so keep teams & interactions within this number. (3) Have small groups where they know what they’re doing, are allowed to make decisions about it, and have a connection to the customer.

A Note From Vanta

Vanta is the easy way to get SOC 2, HIPAA, or ISO 27001 compliant. 1000+ companies trust Vanta to automate their security monitoring, and get ready for security audits in weeks instead of months.
Good Efforts Preserve Bad Systems
- Milosz Danczak
tl;dr: "Incentives are never perfect because management always has a limited understanding of the system it manages." Therefore, unrewarded work is often carried out to keep the system in place. However, Milosz argues, this results in management avoiding or ignoring issues and, in order, for change to happen, we must be open to failure on a personal level and culturally, as a company, for these issues to be tackled. 
Emoji Under The Hood
- Nikita Prokopov
#Front-end #Unicode

tl;dr: "I thought it might be fun sharing a few nitty-gritty details of how this “biggest innovation in human communication since the invention of the letter” works under the hood." Nikita shows us the various ways in which emojis can be encoded. 

tl;dr: "I built a site where you can do experiments with DNS called Mess With DNS. It has examples of experiments you can try, and you’ve very encouraged to come up with your own experiments. In this post I’ll talk about why I made this, how it works, and give you probably more details than you want to know about how I built it (design, testing, security, writing an authoritative nameserver, live streaming updates, etc)."
tl;dr: Ivan compiled a new data set for his model to train on: 3800 images of Lego faces. "The end product can be used for interesting applications including generating new Lego faces and morphing smoothly between Lego faces."
Notable GitHub Repos
Lightning-fast and Powerful Code Editor written in Rust.

Faster drop-in replacement for existing Unix linkers.

An open-source online reverse dictionary.

eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability.
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