Issue #372

6 December 2022

Issue #372
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Company, Team, Self
- Will Larson
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Will discusses his experiences managing and energizing teams. "Rigid adherence to any prioritization model, even one that’s conceptually correct like mine that prioritized the company and team first, will often lead to the right list of priorities but a team that’s got too little energy to make forward progress. It’s not only reasonable to violate correct priorities to energize yourself and your team, modestly violating priorities to energize your team enroute to a broader goal is an open leadership secret."

Debugging Teams: Groundhog Day
- Camille Fournier
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "Have you ever been on a team that seemed to work very hard but never move forward? Where you look back quarter after quarter, or perhaps year after year, and you did a lot, but nothing actually seemed to happen? Congratulations, you’re in the middle of Groundhog Day." Camille discusses the symptoms of Groundhog Day and how to get out of it. 

In-Depth: ClickHouse vs PostgreSQL
- Mathew Pregasen
#Database #Performance

tl;dr: "Most companies that invest in an online analytical processing (OLAP) database like ClickHouse originally used an online transaction processing (OLTP) stack like MySQL or Postgres." Despite the two being built for different purposes, most companies leverage features in both during their scaling period. The author compares the two technologies here. 

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Twenty Five Thousand Dollars Of Funny Money

tl;dr: "I had been at the company something like six weeks and had changed a line of source code to fix a bug (logging), to uncover another bug (wrong argument count), to enable yet another bug (wrong units, and zero type safety) that gave 25 grand worth of funny money to anyone who clicked! And I had clicked! And I got a friend to click! And other people got it too!"
"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

— Henry Ford

Building A Virtual Machine Inside ChatGPT
- Jonas Degrave
#AI #UsefulTool #GPT3

tl;dr: The authors shows how to "build a virtual machine, inside an assistant chatbot, on the alt-internet, from a virtual machine, within ChatGPT's imagination."

tl;dr: "Since Rust isn’t a fully dependently typed language where we can prove the lengths of our buffers at compile time, it resorts to runtime bounds checks to ensure that indexing always remains safe. In practice, this means that every time you index into a slice, the Rust compiler will emit a sequence of instructions that checks if your index is within the bounds of that slice, and panics if it isn’t."
35 Misconceptions About Date And Time
- Gérald Barré

tl;dr: (1) Everybody uses the same calendar. (2) 1 year equals 12 months. (3) GMT is the same as UTC. (4) Time zone offsets are always integer numbers of hours. (5) Weeks start on Monday. And more.
tl;dr: "A vector for phishing attacks and malware. Your non-technical family members and friends will likely fall for these at some point. For their sake, disable them. If you’re the go-to technology person in your family and friend group, this is a reminder to do this over the festive season."
Notable GitHub Repos
Algorithm Visualizer
Interactive online platform that visualizes algorithms.

Tech Interview Handbook
Curated coding interview prep materials.

A Terminal for a more modern age.

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