Issue #347

30 August 2022

Issue #347
Tuesday 30th August's issue is presented by Vanta

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An Engineering Manager's Bill Of Rights (And Responsibilities)
- Emily Nakashima
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: The bill is designed to further support engineering managers at Honeycomb, with the following guidelines: (1) Create a culture of respect for both management and IC work, due to the increasing "disdain" managers are facing. (2) Provide a career path within management with multiple ways to advance. (3) Be straight with teams about what managers are there to do. (4) Cultivate the flow of feedback in both directions, between managers and IC. (5) Allow manager & IC compensation to move independently with the market.

First Focus. Then Simplify
- John Cutler
#Leadership #Management #CareerAdvice

tl;dr: "Imagine two people - Person A acknowledges the complex problem, and focuses. Person B doesn’t see the complex problem, and simplifies." Both approaches may seem very similar at first glance. "Focus looks like simplification. Simplification looks like focus." But when things go wrong, as they tend to do, Person B will make bad decisions. They’ll pick bad strategies and tactics and spread the lack of context awareness to their team. 

Why Automation Is Crucial For Security And Compliance
#Leadership #Management #Security

tl;dr: "Good security not only minimizes downside, but also enables faster growth. Learn how an automated security and compliance platform improves security posture, stands up to security audits, and can get you compliant in just weeks."

Promoted by Vanta
Be Good-Argument-Driven, Not Data-Driven
- Richard Marmorstein 
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "The trouble begins when you begin to favor bad arguments that involve data over good arguments that don’t, or insist that metrics be introduced in realms where data can’t realistically be the foundation of a good argument." An over-reliance on data can lead to introducing metrics where they don't belong and focussing only on what can be measured. 

"Despite being roughly twice as many characters, it requires a fraction of the mental effort when you read it.”

― Felienne Hermans

tl;dr: (1) Write to db and then fire event without atomicity. (2) Using event sourcing everywhere. (3) No context propagation. (4) Publishing events with large payloads. (5) Not handling duplicate events.
Stick To Tinkering
- Walid Ziouche

tl;dr: "I’m witnessing a generation proficient with NextJS, but not much interaction with Node, the runtime, or, the system in our case. I’ve seen some devs unable to start a project without a ready-made boilerplate, generator or template... Web developers lacking a good understating around HTTP verbs, statelessness, status codes, routing and url parts, .. the behind the scene mechanics of the web." Walid discusses the implications of this and the remedy - learning by tinkering with lower level systems.
Digitizing 55,000 Pages Of Civic Meetings
- Philip James

tl;dr: Philip introduces us to a tool he's built for his hometown of Alameda, allowing the community to ask questions such as “which meetings in my city have recently talked about rent control?” The tool is a SQL-backed full text search of city meeting minutes, allowing 18,746 pages of city minutes to be fully searchable by anyone.
tl;dr: "I get tons of email about Lunar, a macOS app for getting intelligent adaptive brightness on external monitors. A lot of these complain about bugs, but sometimes, after a good multi day chase, I conclude it’s actually a monitor bug. I try to help and provide a workaround whenever I can. But anyway, here’s a small collection of those bugs."
Notable GitHub Repos
Free and open source AI image upscaler.

The RF and reverse engineering framework for everyone.


CL tool that lets you easily create isolated shells and containers.

Lightweight alternative to elasticsearch that requires minimal resources. 

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