Issue #15.1

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Five Ruby Methods You Should be Using
- Written by Ben Lewis, Full Stack Developer
The Micro-python Project: Implementing Python 3 on a Microcontroller
- Written by Damian George, member of the Dept of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University
How I Write Modules
- Written by Substack, Open Source Librarian
- Selected by Riley J Shaw, Founder at PairJam  
Datasets: Databases for Lazy People
- Written by Friedrich Lindenberg, Freelance Developer and Data Journalist
#Python #Databases 
Dirty Coding Tricks
- Written by Brandon Sheffield, director at Necrosoft Games
- Selected by Riley J Shaw, Founder at PairJam  
Node.js v0.10.35 Buffer
- Written by the Node.js team
- Selected by Juan Andres Andrango at Floored
Java 8: No More Loops
- Written by Marius Herring, Software Developer
Python 3.5 to Include "Type Hinting"
- Written by Rob Marvin, Editor at the SD TImes
Announcing Rust 1.0 Alpha
- Written by the Rust Core Team
Mac Tool to Query JSON Structures
- Written by Satish Mahalingam, iOS and OS X Developer
Ruby and Rails Virtual Machines
- Written by Andrey Chernih, Ruby Developer
#Ruby #Rails 
Working with Quota on Mobile Browsers
- Written by Eiji Kitamura, Developer Advocate at Google