Issue #303

29 March 2022

Issue #303
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Improve Software Delivery

Download The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Cycle Time for a breakdown of the most important engineering metrics, strategic advice on increasing engineering speed, and real-world advice from senior engineering leaders.

Twin Anxieties Of The Engineer / Manager Pendulum
- Charity Majors
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Leaving management for an IC role creates anxiety that you may not be able to return to management later on. Charity doesn't think so. If you’re a good manager, you'll improve as an IC and will "spend the rest of your career fending off management opportunities." Moving back to IC also creates anxiety around performing again as an engineer. "After 2 or 3 years of management, it’s pretty easy to go back to engineering. After five years, it gets progressively harder. But it can be done."

How To Criticize Coworkers
- Alex Turek
#Management #CareerAdvice

tl;dr: Principles of good feedback: (1) Praise in public, criticize in private. (2) Use “I” language instead of “you” language. (3) Be as specific as possible using SBI (situation-behavior-impact). (3) Be on the same side. (4) Stop if you’re too worked up. (5) Use a tight feedback loop i.e give at least 2 examples.

Embrace Developer Autonomy: How Data Can Help You Stop Micromanaging Your Team
- Hillary Nussbaum
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: Engineering Managers need visibility into what their team is working on, but it's not productive to tap on shoulders or turn every meeting into a status update. Here's how you can get the visibility you need from data that already exists in your engineering workflow, so you can dedicate your 1 on 1s, standups, and check-ins to higher-value interactions, whether that’s team-building, problem-solving, innovation, or professional development.

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#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: There are 4 distinct archetype for the staff engineer role: (1) Tech lead: working on roadmapping, planning, and "glue work." (2) Architect: designing systems and acting as a source of wisdom for others. (3) Solver: stabilizing and delegating. (4) Right hand: "furthering the agenda of management and business partners." 

"The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit."
- Anonymous
On Building Scalable Systems
- Kislay Verma
#Scale #Architecture

tl;dr: "Scalability is the idea that a system should be able to handle an increase in workload by employing more computing resources without significant changes to its design." The key axes of scalability are latency, throughput & capacity. Kislay discusses each, as well as how to quantify scalability, and more.

5 Coding Interview Questions I Hate
- Vladimir Klepov
#Management #Hiring #Javascript

tl;dr: Questions include: (1) What happens if you build a circular prototype chain? (2) How to migrate from webpack 3 to webpack 5? (3) What’s the fastest way to convert a string to number? And more.

#PostgreSQL #SQL
tl;dr: "Data auditing is a system that tracks changes to tables' contents over time. PostgreSQL has a robust set of features which we can leverage to create a generic auditing solution in 150 lines of SQL."
`COPY --chmod` Reduced The Size Of My Container Image By 35%
- Vamsi Atluri
tl;dr: "I removed chmod from RUN and rebuilt the image. And bingo - the image size is down to 174MB. And the RUN layer’s size is down to 6.7MB. So, OverlayFS is copying the binary into RUN layer even though chmod is only updating the metadata of the file…?"
Notable GitHub Repos
Diff tool that compares files based on syntax. 

React components library with native dark theme support.


Develop Node.js apps without spending time on repetitive coding.

Swift Async Algorithms
Async sequence & advanced algorithms that involve concurrency.

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