Issue #196

31 July 2020

Issue #196
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#Management #DevelopmentProcess
tl;dr: The concepts behind two pizza teams - mission and independence - have been lost. Teams no longer work on customer problems but a subset of those problems. This requires a lot more cross team collaboration, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
Be Impatient
- Ben Kuhn
tl;dr: "Being impatient is the best way to get faster at things. And across a surprising number of domains, being really fast correlates strongly with being effective." Being twice as fast doubles the growth rate of your output, which then compounds.
#CareerAdvice #Haskell
tl;dr: "Prefer to push fixes upstream instead of working around problems downstream." Gabriel explains implications of this rule with a few tradeoffs seen from the Haskell community and ecosystem.
tl;dr: "Focus on the intent of the change, not the mechanics. Why was this change needed? What drove it? What would you want to know about this reasoning or decision a year from now? What would you want a new team member approaching this code base to know?"
tl;dr: Haki shares "non-trivial tips" around database development with explanations, such as (1) update only what needs updating (2) disable constraints and indexes during bulk loads, and more

"Good code is its own best documentation."

- Steve McConnell

Microsoft Analyzed Data On Its Newly Remote Workforce
- Natalie Singer-Velush, Kevin Sherman & Erik Anderson 
tl;dr: Meeting times dropped - more 30 min meetings and less hour long ones. Managers felt the "brunt" of the remote work, spending more time prioritizing and planning. More varied work times, as everyone has different responsibilities.
tl;dr: Practical run-through of a typical architecture setup for a web and mobile application. Robert explains concepts like webhooks, databases, and more.
Build More Reliable Distributed Systems By Breaking Them With Jepsen
- Kyle Kingsbury
tl;dr: Podcast where Kyle discusses his "approach to testing complex systems, common challenges that are faced by engineers who build them, and why it is important to understand their limitations."
tl;dr: "A user could be running many different versions of your site at the same time, in different tabs, and that's kinda terrifying." Jake discusses how this is possible and counter measures. 
tl;dr: "A new configuration option, init.defaultBranch is being introduced to replace the hard-coded term Master," and more.