Issue #350

9 September 2022

Issue #350
Friday 9th September's issue is presented by Vanta

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How To Get Helpful, Actionable Feedback From Your Colleagues
- Lara Hogan
#Management #CareerAdvice

tl;dr: Asking “is there anything I can do better” rarely elicits a helpful response. Instead, identify a skill you’re hoping to improve and request feedback on it. "This approach has the benefit of being easier for the person giving you feedback, and more impactful and useful for you." For example, if you want to improve in strategy, ask the following questions (1) "what outcomes - positive or negative - have you seen from my efforts at strategy?" (2) “What new approaches or tactics do you think I should experiment with here?”

'Drawing Your Three Maps' Exercise
- Will Larson
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: The quick exercise is designed to better understand your engineering organization from various perspectives. Will explains how to draw a locator map (where are you?), a topographical map (how hard is it to go nearby places?), and a treasure map (where are the places that are really worth going?)," designed to show opportunities to improve your processes. Will also shares what he leant from the exercise.

The SOC 2 Compliance Checklist
#Leadership #Management #Security

tl;dr: Ready to simplify the time-consuming, tedious process of proving compliance — starting with industry fave SOC 2? Here’s a free SOC 2 compliance checklist from Vanta, the leading automated security and compliance platform. Attend a demo, and lunch is on Vanta.

Promoted by Vanta
The Forty-Year Programmer
- Noah Gibbs

tl;dr: "I’ll talk about things that didn’t make sense to me when I started programming, and now they’re the guiding stars in my sky... it’s not about specific technologies. Technologies come and go. Languages come and go. They can’t be your sky."
“The big optimizations come from refining the high-level design, not the individual routines.”

― Steve McConnell

The End Of Localhost
- Shawn Wang

tl;dr: "Dev environments should be cattle, not pets. It looks likely that most development will not be done on localhost in future." Shawn highlights that one of the biggest obstacles of developing is the local environment, highlighting how big tech companies are investing to move away from this and new technologies, such as edge computing, could be a way to solve for this problem.

tl;dr: "A few years ago, I came across this awesome talk about AirplaneJS, a web app that picks up radio signals from airplanes and plots them in real time on a map in the browser. I had no idea this was possible in JavaScript so I started looking into it. I played around with the project and started wondering if there was a way I could push it a little bit further."
tl;dr: "json-diff already exists, and it’s pretty good. I wanted something similar for programming languages. After a huge amount of experimentation, I have something that works. In this post, I’ll show you how it works. I won’t show the many, many dead ends and failed designs along the way. We can pretend that I got it right first time."
Cheating At Chess With A Computer For My Shoes
- James Stanley

tl;dr: "I have come up with a new way to win at chess: I have connected up a Raspberry Pi in my pocket to some buttons and vibration motors in my shoes, so that I can surreptitiously communicate with a chess engine running on the Pi."
Notable GitHub Repos
Web UI for deploying & managing apps in Kubernetes clusters.

Quake Watch
Quake 1 game port to Apple Watch.

Programming font based on the typeface used in Minecraft.

JSON Crack
Visualize your JSON data instantly into graphs. 

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