Issue #140

9 May 2019

Issue #140
tl;dr:  When considering org design, a useful exercise is to walk down each level of the org by asking the 5 whys, this helps you understand where the pressures lie. The author runs through this and the common discoveries he's made when asking these questions. 

Working Remotely, 4 Years In
- Julia Evans
tl;dr: Julia, an engineer at Stripe, gives her perspective on working remotely by answering the following questions - Will I miss out on conversations in the office? How will communication work? Will people forget I exist? Can I take responsibility for really important projects? Can I get promoted? Can I be a leader?

On Pain, Careers, And Doing Things The Hard Way
Charity Majors

tl;dr: Two instances where the author endured emotional pain in her job - public speaking and transitioning from a CTO to CEO. In the former, she overcome the pain of public speaking by powering through it. This never worked for the second. As a result, she notes the importance of pain as a teacher and understanding the situations where you can lean into it. 

A Regulatory Framework For The Internet
- Ben Thompson

tl;dr: Proposal that ad-sponsored platforms such as FB should be government regulated, whereas other platforms should be market regulated. The underlying delineation is that problematic content is not built into the pricing model of an ad-sponsored platform. 
tl;dr: A how-to for README files. Contents structured with the following headings - Title and Description, Badges, What Is It?, How to use it?, Use Cases, How To Contribute, Downloads and Releases, License, Changelog, Contributors vs. Acknowledgements. 
tl;dr: The most effective way to make your employees more valuable is to give them agency over their ideas, decisions, and suggestions. Although, this agency comes with with "fear and repercussions"...

Tinder’s Move To Kubernetes
- Tinder Engineering Team
tl;dr:  Two year migration so that Tinder can run exclusively on a Kubernetes cluster consisting of 200 services, 1,000 nodes, 15,000 pods, and 48,000 running containers. 

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The Inception Bar: A New Phishing Method
- James Fisher

tl;dr: Security flaw in Chrome mobile where the URL shown is incorrect once scrolling starts. The author demonstrates this behavior in the article. 

36 Amazing Python Open Source Projects (v.2019)
- Mybridge

tl;dr: The author "compared nearly 5,000 open source Python projects and selected the top 36."

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A New Console For Windows - It's The Open Source Windows Terminal
Scott Hanselman

tl;dr: "The Windows Terminal is here, it's open source, it's real, and it's spectacular." The new Terminal is in its early phase but will be delivered via the Microsoft Store in Windows 10. 

It’s Complicated: Mozilla’s 2019 Internet Health Report
- Mark Surman

tl;dr: Annual report outlines issues that have improved - greater calls for privacy, advocacy around building AI responsibly and more discussion of the impact of big tech companies. The flip-side is more internet censorship, examples of AI amplifying injustice and abuse of biometrics. 
- FB Engineering Team
#React #GraphQL #Relay

tl;dr: "Open source projects like React, GraphQL and Relay are powering more and more Facebook services." This video discusses the latest features of these technologies, like React Suspense. 
Notable Developer Conferences 2019
Microsoft Build 
May 6-8
Seattle, Washington, USA
May 21 - 23
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
May 22-23
Broomfield, Colorado, USA
July 17-18
Portland, Oregon, USA
Open Source Summit 
July 17-19
Tokyo, Japan
July 24-27
San Diego, California, USA
Sept 9–12
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Strange Loop 
Sept 12-14
St. Louis, Missouri, USA 
DjangoCon US 
Sept 22-27
San Diego, CA
Oracle CodeOne 
Sept 16–19
SF, California
React Day Berlin 
Nov 30
Berlin, Germany
Microsoft Ignite 
Nov 4-8
Orlando, Florida, USA
Dec 5-6

Paris, France
December 6-7

Riga, Latvia