Issue #345

23 August 2022

Issue #345
Tuesday 23rd August issue is presented by Doppler

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How To Tool For Developer Productivity
- Kathryn Koehler
#Leadership #Management #Productivity

tl;dr: Director of Developer Productivity Engineering at Netflix shares what kind of tooling you should focus on building, whether you should build or buy your tooling, and how to measure the success of your tooling in developer satisfaction and productivity.

tl;dr: "The most important lesson I have taught developers over the years is that programming is fun. If you are programming, and you are not having fun, then you may be doing it wrong. It may not be your fault. Ask for help. We are at our most creative when programming is fun. Creativity is play. We need to be creative to solve the complex problems we are faced with today."
How To Prevent Secrets From Ending Up On Developer's Machines
- Ryan Blunden
#Management #Security

tl;dr: Even with environment variable storage offered by modern hosting platforms and secrets managers provided by every cloud, developer's machines are still littered with secrets in unencrypted text files because local development was left out of the picture. Learn how to prevent secrets from ending up on developer's machines.

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On Workplace Productivity
- Nicole Forsgren
#Leadership #Management #Productivity
tl;dr: A holistic framework for productivity can be summarized by the acronym SPACE: (1) Satisfaction and well-being. (2) Performance. (3) Activity. (4) Communication and collaboration. (5) Efficiency. Nicole provides 3 insights: Finding flow is key and interruptions are a drag, meetings are both awesome and terrible, and a two-minute daily reflection can help improve your days. 

“If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.”

- Edsger W. Dijkstra

We Need Young Programmers; We Need Old Programmers
- Mark Seemann

tl;dr: "We need young people in the software development industry. Because of their vigour and inexperience, they'll push the envelope... We need old people because they're in a position to speak truth to the world." Mark points to the fact that older people have less to lose and "many are in the unique position to reveal truths no-one else dare speak."
Optimizing For JavaScript Is Hard
- Jeroen Engels

tl;dr: "JavaScript is a very hard language to optimize, especially as a compilation target. Since Elm compiles to JavaScript and I occasionally like to try out optimization ideas, optimizing JavaScript is a problem I’m then confronted with." Jeroen discusses these challenges here.
How The New York Times Uses Machine Learning To Make Its Paywall Smarter
- Rohit Supekar

tl;dr: "When the paywall was launched, the meter limit was the same for all users. However, as The Times has transformed into a data-driven digital company, we are now successfully using a causal machine learning model called the Dynamic Meter to set personalized meter limits and to make the paywall smarter."

SSH Tips And Tricks
- Carlos Becker

tl;dr: Carlos shows us how to reuse connections, how to alias commonly used hosts, make connections last longer, enable hostname canonicalization, and more. 

Notable GitHub Repos
Modern replacement for Redis and Memcached.

Express inspired web framework written in Go.

Deep learning optimization library that makes distributed training  inference easy.

Open source, self-hosted implementation of the Tailscale control server.

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