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18 April 2019

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tl;dr: (1) Fatal risks kill the company (2) Painful risks lose talent (3) Embarrassment risks have no repercussions. The 2nd & 3rd are reversible decisions & leaders should take more of them, communicating to teams what happens if they don't pan out beforehand. The article explains why. 

tl;dr: Large platforms are mechanical turks relying on users to "create, capture and channel human annotation" e.g. FB knows your likes once you hit "like", in doing so it has found a point of leverage. Such platforms need a lot of users but, crucially, ML doesn't. This will change the point of leverage. 

tl;dr: Last evolution of HTTP 1.x frameworks added little to no incremental value. The author recognizes a need for better tooling for HTTP 2.x and challenges developers to focus on a list of larger issues. Click through Twitter here if paywalled. 

Programming: Doing It More vs Doing It Better
tl;dr: The more you do something, the better you get at it. This applies to programming, to an extent. But, simply writing more code is not the "secret sauce", it's "diligence exercised over a long time". The author breaks this down. 

tl;dr: Developers estimate median completion time of projects well, but not the mean, which is problematic. The article illustrates why. This issue compounds with multiple estimates, and tasks with most uncertainty often dominate the mean time. 


tl;dr: Negativity in engineering is exasperated by quirks of the profession - negativity is proven to be "frequently viewed as both more intelligent and more competent". However, it's toxic often spreading down the org. A tech lead's negative attitude is adopted by his team, it's dangerous to productivity and expensive to business. Click through Twitter if paywalled. 
How to Monitor Kubernetes Effectively

tl;dr: Monitoring Kubernetes requires you to rethink your monitoring strategies, especially if you are used to monitoring traditional hosts such as VMs or physical machines.

Read this guide and learn how to tackle the operational challenges of monitoring dynamic, ephemeral environments.
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tl;dr: List of 15 Git commands that you may not know. The author also recommends trying Magit, an interface to Git implemented as an Emacs package.

tl;dr: Author runs through his favorite to-do lists, chart tools (they use charts as a productivity tool), mind-mapping and Kanban tools. 

EdgeDB 1.0 Alpha 1
- Yury Selivanov, Elvis Pranskevichus

tl;drEdgeDB is an open-source object-relational database built on top of PostgreSQL. The tech preview was announced at PyCon US a year back. Article runs through how to build an app off of it and performance benchmarks, noting it's speed.  

tl;dr: The time developers spend coding in a 40 hour work week is relatively small. Hence, limiting work in progress, the scope of work, and handoffs between teams can increase flow and value in product development. The key is to focus on cadence and flow. 


tl;dr: "Professional resource for potential and currently practicing front-end developers to equip themselves with learning materials and development tools. Secondarily, it can be used by managers, CTOs, instructors, and head hunters to gain insights into the practice of front-end development."


tl;dr: Key results from the annual survey. Top result is that "Python has risen in the ranks of programming languages again, edging out Java this year and standing as the second most loved language (behind Rust)".

New Challenges in Managing Modern Infrastructure

tl;dr: The emergence of cloud-based infrastructure has dramatically reshaped the IT landscape for service providers and their customers. Conventional management and monitoring strategies simply do not translate. 

Learn how to track the status and performance of modern IT environments with this guide.
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