Issue #151

22 August 2019

Issue #151
Weekly Reading For Technical Leaders
- Marianne Bellotti, CTO of Exversion
tl;dr: CTO discusses how working with non-technical leaders has shaped her personal philosophies in developing software and leading teams. 

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tl;dr:  AMP is the Trojan Horse allowing Google to control publishers' content. Yes it benefits readers but also results in publishers being subject to Google's whims. 

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- Jan van den Berg, CTO at Solcon
tl;dr: Git dominates the DVCS market. Yet Bitbucket's announcement that it will sunset support for Mercurial - a Git rival - caused a stir. It emphasizes Git's dominance and lack of competition. 
- Benjamin Woodruff, Software Engineer at Instagram
tl;dr: The importance of static analysis and codemod (vs lint) in finding code in Instagram's monolithic Django based architecture. 

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- Christina Marfice
tl;dr: Strategies to generate new thought patterns, especially helpful when stuck on a programming problem. Reframe the problem, ask "why" repeatedly, look for patterns, sleep on it. 
- Dan Miller, Senior Software Engineer at Tilt
tl;dr: (1) Myriad dev environments (2) Permissions & authentication issues (3) Network debugging (4) Logging into a container and doing ttuff, and more....
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- Silas Reinagel, Software Engineer
tl;dr: Opinionated piece that real time messaging creates a poor culture of communication negatively and impacts output and productivity. Outlines on how to remedy this. 
- Jackie Bavaro, Head of PM at Asana
tl;dr: Framework for giving feedback on product related matters. "Do" is rarely used and mandatory, asking the team to perform a next step. "Try" asks the team to explore a next step. "Consider" shares an optional idea. 

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- Mike Freedman & Erik Nordstrom, Engineers at Timescale
tl;dr: Post announces the launch and outlines the features of the distributed version of TimescaleDB, a time-series database on PostgreSQL. 
- Brian Vaughn, React JS Core Team 
tl;dr: "At a high level, version 4 should offer significant performance gains and an improved navigation experience. It also offers full support for React Hooks, including inspecting nested objects."
- Scott Hanselman, Web Platform Team at Microsoft
tl;dr: An ode to MS Encarta, which arose at a time when computers could start dealing with larger amounts of data from CD-Roms. It's still used on disconnected devices in developing countries. 
- Jack Morse, Tech Corespondent at Mashable
tl;dr: Trying to be clever, this developer bought the license plate "NULL" for his car. Once he registered it with the DMV, he inadvertently received tens of thousands of dollars worth of tickets.
Notable Developer Conferences 2019
Sept 9–12
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Strange Loop 
Sept 12-14
St. Louis, Missouri, USA 
DjangoCon US 
Sept 22-27
San Diego, CA
Oracle CodeOne 
Sept 16–19
SF, California
React Day Berlin 
Nov 30
Berlin, Germany
Microsoft Ignite 
Nov 4-8
Orlando, Florida, USA
Dec 5-6

Paris, France
December 6-7

Riga, Latvia