Issue #245

13 August 2021

Issue #245

Presented by Oso
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: Out the top 10 companies with the largest market, 7 are founded by engineers. There are 4 "forces" why: (1) More likely to pursue solutions to big emerging problems leveraging analytics (data) more effectively. (2) Able to discover solutions by failing repeatedly, at low cost. (3) More focussed on problem vs profit, and experiments. (4) Open to creative management and solutions. 
Authorization Academy
#Management #Leadership

tl;dr: A series of technical guides on how to build authorization (roles, permissions, etc.) into your app, including architecture, modeling patterns, role-based access control, and more.

Sponsored By Oso.

tl;dr: "Dashboards aren’t universally awful," but they do encourage sloppy thinking, and "static ones make it impossible to follow the plot of an outage, or validate a hypotheses." Charity believes more vendors need to build for "query ability, explorability, and the ability to follow a trail of breadcrumbs." New dashboards should expire within a month if unused. 
tl;dr: Gergely recommends this book to all engineering managers. It showcases what FB thought made a successful engineering culture and discusses the conflict between "move fast" web engineers and "we can't move fast" mobile engineers. 3 processes stand out as unique to this day - keeping engineers motivated, the FB bootcamp, and code winning arguments. 
#Hiring #Management
tl;dr: (1) Think about what you need engineering managers to do. (2) Refine those tasks into four or five key skills for the role. (3) Create an interview to evaluate each skill. (4) Create a rubric to score each of those interviews. (5) Train the interviewing team on the new rubric. (6) Remove interviewers from the loop if they refuse to use the rubric. 
A Message From Oso...

Engineering teams have been spending precious cycles building and maintaining authorization in their apps. Now they can use Oso, a batteries-included framework for building authorization in your app. Trusted by companies like Intercom and Wayfair. 

Bloom Filters - Much, Much More Than A Space Efficient Hashmap!
- Ben Boyter
tl;dr: Ben illustrates the implementation of a bloom filter and runs us through interesting use cases - a memory efficient lookup cache, a tool to mitigate "cache busting" attacks on your website, spell checkers, and more. 
A Future For SQL On The Web
- James Long
tl;dr: James developed absurd-sql - "a persistent backend for SQLite on the web." It doesn’t load the whole DB into memory, and writes persist. He explains "the absurdities of the web’s storage APIs (mainly IndexedDB), show how SQLite provides a 10x perf improvement, explain all the cool tricks that make it work, and explain the locking / transactional semantics that make it robust."
Breaking The Web Forward
- Peter-Paul Koch
tl;dr: "Safari is holding back the web. It is the new IE, after all. In contrast, Chrome is pushing the web forward so hard that it’s starting to break. Meanwhile web developers do nothing except moan and complain. The only thing left to do is to pick our poison."
GitHub’s Engineering Team Has Moved To Codespaces
- Cory Wilkerson

tl;dr: "Today, GitHub is making Codespaces - a cloud developer environments - available to Team and Enterprise Cloud plans on Codespaces provides software teams a faster, more collaborative development environment in the cloud."

tl;dr: "This Survey aims to shed light on how different developers use Django and the related tools and technologies. The results will serve as a major source of knowledge about the current state of the community and help the DSF choose the right direction for development."
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