Issue #261

19 October 2021

Issue #261

Monday 19th October's issue is presented by Teleport
#Leadership #Management #Culture
tl;dr: "12 questions to get a sense of what a tech company is like to work at, based on things most job postings do not mention:" (1) Are code reviews and testing both part of the everyday development process? (2) Do you follow an internal open-source model, where any engineer can access and contribute to most other codebases - with appropriate code ownership in place?
What To Learn
- Dan Luu
tl;dr: "Look for things you can't help but do that most other people don't seem to do." It's common to try and improve all of your skills or "know a bit of everything" but, try to turn a skill into a superpower and "amplify your strengths." Dan also notes the importance of finding the right environment for this to happen.
Why Secure Access To Cloud Infrastructure Is Painful
- Ev Kontsevoy
#Security #Infrastructure

tl;dr: Secure access to cloud infrastructure doesn't have to be painful. Access Plane consolidates connectivity, authentication, authorization, and audit in one place.

Promoted by Teleport.

The Big Tech Coding Interview Framework - Pt 1. Inspect
- Daniel Habib

tl;dr: 1st in a 4 part series on how to approach every programming interview, regardless of topic, starting with a framework for how to inspect the problem at hand: "Did I explicitly state what the input was? Did I clarify what the desired output was? Did I construct a simple example that could be solved by hand?"

A Note From Teleport:

Teleport empowers engineers to quickly and securely access any computing resource anywhere on the planet. The Access Plane allows engineers and security professionals to unify secure access and provide visibility to infrastructure, applications, and data across all environments.

#Apple #Hardware
tl;dr: A look into Apple's Always-on Processor (AOP). "The AOP has a special role. It connects to almost every other chip in the iPhone. For some chips, it only does basic tasks like power management, and for other chips, it acts as a transparent proxy that wakes up iOS when needed."
A Better Resume For Developers
- Ben Northrop

tl;dr: It pays to cram all the technologies used in a project onto your resume, since that's what job matching algorithms are designed to parse. Ben has designed an interactive resume to present your work in a different way. 

Remote Work Compensation: How Should Tech Companies Pay Their Remote Workers?
- Nicole Kow
#Salary #RemoteWork
tl;dr: The impact of some companies allocating pay based on their remote employees' geography and others choosing not to pay agnostic to location.
We've Been Lied To: JavaScript Is Very Fast
- Jye Lewis
tl;dr: "Modern JavaScript engines are incredibly fast at CPU bound tasks. To test the speed of modern engines, I wrote a small synthetic benchmark in C, then ported that same code to JavaScript to compare performance."
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