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Announcing MongoDB 3.0
- Written by Eliot Horowitz, CTO at MongoDB
- Selected by Avery Max, Python and Go Engineer
A Look Into the Prototyping of Twitter Video
- Written by Paul Stamatiou, Designer at Twitter
Selected by Ryan Clark Merrill, Designer and Developer
What Color is Your Function
- Written by Bob Nystrom, Game Developer & Author of Game Programming Patterns
- Selected by Rich Hong, Co-founder and CTO of Confide
Predicting Likes: Inside a Simple Recommendation Engine
- Written by Mahmud Ridwan, Software Engineer at Mukto Software
PyPy 2.5 Released
- Written by the PyPy Team
Replace CoffeeScript with ES6
- Written by Blake Williams, Developer at ThoughBot
Selected by Ryan Clark Merrill, Designer and Developer
#CoffeeScript #ES6
Face Recognition Using Open CV
- Written and selected by Bikramjot Singh Hanza, Student at PEC University
Transitioning to SCSS at Scale
- Written by Dan Na, Software Engineer at Etsy 
#SCSS #Scaling
Quickly Add Touch ID Using Local Authentication API
- Written by David McGraw, Founder of Moonlit Solutions and iOS Developer
#Java #JSON